bring me flowers

New Look dress, Dorothy Perkins tights, those boots from Spartoo, again. Bracelet…gift.

Worn for a pleasurable day of pug walking and shop browsing with my very best friend, we always end up having the most random adventures; generally involving supermarkets…this time we made detours to Boots (hello £5 Harajuku lovers perfume) and Matalan (gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous s/s new arrivals). Making the most of my second week off work…

Gratuitous pug photo, just because we’re bloggers, and bloggers love pugs, right?!

Random adventures with friends…where do you end up?


37 comments for “bring me flowers

  1. Glad your enjoying your time off and that Pug is sooo cute.

  2. The top photo is absolutely breathtaking. Damn, you’re gorgeous.
    And now I sound creepy. Wheyy.

  3. Your pug is ADORABLE. How long have had she/him/shim?

    Really like your outfit too xx

  4. How cutte its that dog.

    X x

  5. aww i love the photos 🙂 and random adventure days are always good – i love planning a day with my best friends, it always involves walks along the beach, whatever the weather 🙂

  6. I love the dress and the lace on it! Oh and I must get myself some harajuku lovers perfume! xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  7. awwwww that little pug is soooo cute!! my mum really wants a pug 🙂
    I really must invest in some colour tights, they always look so cool.
    beautiful dress 🙂
    <3 Holz oxo

  8. I love the fact it’s not only me who has the most random adventures too! Love the pug xxx

  9. I love the colour of the tights with the dress and boots, looks great 🙂 Also love the pug, cutest little thing ever xx

  10. ooh you’re looking lovely, your hair looks so vibrant in the first few photos. Cute pug! xx

  11. I love your dress, especially with the pretty lace. The coloured tights are amazed too.

  12. You always look so lovely.
    By the way agree on the perfume bargain! Which one do you have/use?

    Confession, if I had to have a smush faced pooch, I’d always go for the classic bulldog over the pug, because they are properly ugly & thus I love them!.

    My random adventures, hopefully having one later, often involves random stops in random places for cigarettes, talking utter drivel, grass, leaves or similar & an abundance of tea/coffee similar.

    Happy tuesday beanie xxx

  13. Love the outfit..if I had your shoes I’d wear them all the time too 🙂

    We usually end up in Morrisons, hello half price chocolate! xx

  14. LOVE those boots!!

  15. love your outfit and supercute pug pic x

  16. I was going to leave a comment saying that your dress is really pretty, and then I saw the picture of the pug and got distracted – so adorable! Bloggers most definitely love pugs!

  17. Sounds like a fab day ! Your outfit looks really good and I think I need to get myself some of those boots !!

  18. I love your boots! And what a cute doggie!

  19. Love your outfit and the pug!

  20. Wonderful hair and very nice styling.
    Your blog is a very pretty space.

    Sara Ottavia C.

  21. cat

    Random adventures… gotta be the Deco Lounge 😉

    I also spent time with a pug today and agree they are very entertaining… though I’m not sure Pip understood the constant grunting! x

  22. I love those boots, and I want to steal that pug so bad. One of my best friends has one and I love cuddling wee Mini

  23. Cute dress! But how cute is your pug!! 🙂

  24. Love the friend shot the way you are all peeking into the shot! Specially the serious but cute looking pug!

  25. Super cute dress and nice boots.
    These outfit looks great 🙂

    Lovely greetz from germany.


  26. Such a pretty dress! xo

  27. Love the dress and the pug is so cute!!

  28. yes, we do love pugs! ahhh they’re so cute.

  29. That pug is soooooooooooo cute!! I’m glad your enjoying your time off too – you deserve it! cutee outfit! xx


    Yes I’m a bit crackers about pugs too, I have my own who I’ve even put in my blog header lol.
    I love your tights cranberry is the best colour!


  31. Cute doggy! Love the colour of your tights xx

  32. Beautiful doggy!! And that dress is too cute.

  33. Love that first pic of you, your hair looks great in that style! And the tights, ahhhh! : )


  34. Looking lovely as always 🙂

    That pug is so cute, and I don’t even like dogs! x

  35. Nice dress and cute dog!