Bullring Recap

Saturday saw my Mum and  I round up our week off with a trip to Birmingham’s Bullring. It was a pretty fantastic day, in short, everything ran smoothly and although it was jam packed full of people (more people than I’ve seen in my life!) it wasn’t too bad in the shops, and we pretty much stayed away from the Christmas Market due to lack of time/sheer volume of human traffic!

We opted to get the coach up there, as it was cheaper (£13.50 return each) and just as quick as the train…well done National Express! Everything ran totally to time and the journey was clean and comfortable.

Once we got there we had an hour just pottering around and discovering Forever 21, which I’ve seen bloggers rave about…I had no idea the shop was so BIG! It was a bit like Bristol’s Primark, size wise…except cleaner, calmer, brighter and just as good price wise! I didn’t go mad in there, although I am tempted by their jeans (does anyone know how they fit?) but picked up a few little things.
After that we met one of our friends and her gorgeous three year old son, as well as my friend’s Mum for some lunch and a long over-due catch up over a yummy lunch in Cafe Rouge. We didn’t get as long as I’d have liked with them due to us only being there for the day, and we had to leave to meet my Auntie and Cousin after a couple of hours. That too was awesome. Shamefully I don’t visit them as much as I should, and I can’t remember us ever shopping with them. What entailed was a few hours of reckless spending and proper gossip and catch up (we spent quite some time in Selfridges food hall!), ending up grabbing a quick bite to eat in a heaving McDonalds before getting the coach home.

Mum and I are already planning a trip for the Spring, although we’ll stay overnight this time I think as there was loads we didn’t see!

And, what did I buy? Well…

1. My first Illamasqua purchase. I was desperate for a new compact powder and decided that as I had my hard earned savings with me, I’d splurge a little. I haven’t used this yet, but might review it for the blog if anyone is interested.

2. Dress with detachable faux fur collar, reduced to £22 in River Island…I only popped in to RI to pick up my final Christmas gift, but this called to me and I couldn’t resist. Excpet to see a lot of experimentation with the collar!

3. Mini food haul and F21 Haul! The Lucky Charms are MINE! And the Hello Kitty lollipops a present to my HK mad Mum. I couldn’t resist the lure of cute socks in F21 after seeing them on a few blogs, and I’m sure I also got a few other bits that I failed to photograph, oops.

4. Topshop penguin jumper; ordered online but it arrived Saturday so it counts! This was so, so expensive at £50 but I figured it’ll last years, being dragged out only for the festive season…I’ll probably hand it down to my children one day (I’m still finding ways to justify this!)

5. My favourite purchase! Bunny jumper from Miss Selfridge. A bit more reasonable at £39, this is my idea of knitwear heaven!

6/7. Presents from Mum <3 Necklace from F21, she thought it very apt for where I'm at right now. The little bag is from Next and just too cute, also perfect for when I'm wandering around locally and don't need to carry my entire life with me!
so that was a bit of an epic post. Cookies and a Christmas card to you if you got through it all!

What have you bought lately? Do you save up for a blow out splurge every now and again?

Back to work for me today, I’m back on the Friday countdown!

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  1. What a great haul. Glad you had a nice time. My eldest works in selfridges and she said how crazy it was on Saturday!

    I’ve been really good and not spent anything the weekend as we broke the bank last week in New York!

    X x

  2. Awesome haul, you dont have to justify the penguin top as it is super cute and well worth the money 🙂

  3. I LOVE Birmingham I used to go uni there and worked at the Forever 21. It defo is huge! P.S It would be great to see a review of your Illmasqua purchase 🙂

  4. I’ve only been to the bull ring once but I loved it! Glad you had a lovely day and your buys are brilliant! xx

  5. So much cute stuff! Love the jumpers, and I’m going to be asking for the bag for Christmas! xx

  6. LOVE the bunny jumper sooo much! I have the cat jumper from New Look that I saw on your blog last winter lol.. 🙂 x

  7. Love your purchases the jumpers and that bag are so cute, I keep meaning to do a trip to B’Ham sometime as it’s only a couple hours on the train. I haven’t bought much recently I’ve been good and trying not to splurge till after Christmas so far so good but we’ll see no doubt I’ll probably splurge on myself soon xoxo

  8. Gorgeous stuff, especially the socks and knits, I can’t get enough of knitwear at the moment and that’s what I’ve spent a lot of money on. That and £60 on a prty dress, which is a LOT for one item for me!! x

  9. Looks like a lot of great buys!


  10. Wow looks like you had a great time and got lots of lovely things!

    Yes I spend very little and then splurge and spend LOADS!


  11. I grow more & more envious of your wardrobe with every new shopping session you have! I’m glad you had such a lovely day & that River Island dress (I asked my mother for it!) I try to save, but prefer spending ‘big amounts’ on others then myself, so often I find I am buying random smaller priced things for myself.

    Have a lovely week back at work. xxx

  12. I love Forever 21 socks, they are too cute. I can’t wait to see you wear that dress xxx

  13. I do love Forever 21 – i’d been to the London store but we have one within walking distance in America and I just get everything there. It’s so cheap and they always seem to fit really well. I’ve never brought any jeans from there yet because they always look way too long in the leg for me [i’m short] so I can’t comment on how well they are for fitting. Looks like you had a great shopping trip though!

  14. Great stuff! Looks like a great day of shopping:)

  15. It sounds like you had a great day 🙂 That jumper with the penguin is so cute, perfect for Christmas! I love looking at the jewellery in Forever 21, can be in there ages! x

  16. Great haul! I’m in love with the penguin jumper!

    I went to the Bullring a while back and couldn’t cope with how busy it was! It was so hot in all the shops as well which just got on my nerves! xx

  17. PENGUIN, love it 🙂

  18. Looks like you had a very successful trip! X

  19. Hello! What lovely purchases!!! You always buy such fun, imaginative items! I really like Forever 21- I’ve found nice things in it every time I’ve been (westfields!)
    I like the message from your Mum! You’re doing great Laura! Keep doing it!

  20. I love the jumpers – so cute and the necklace!

  21. omg that bad is EPICALLY animals of farthing wood! Guess I gotta pop down there!

    Glad you enjoyed Brum, it’s so busy on weekends anyway but with christmas I’m staying well clear of the bullring on saturdays!

  22. <3 totally love your purchases, apologies if this posts twice; couldn't find the other comment I left!!! lol

  23. Oh I adore the bag and all those cute jumpers!!

    Bright Green Laces

  24. Mostly just Christmas presents and shoes for me! I try not to shop too much in December and save my pennies for the sales. Best time to stock up on winter goodies!

  25. Kb

    Ahh I love the Bullring, the F21 in London is so stressful in comparison! Loving the socks.

  26. I so wanted that bunny jumper but I’m not paying £39 for it. No I’m not (and repeats)
    The shopping centres are mad this close to Christmas.

  27. Quite unexpected that bag’s from Next, it’s so fun and cute xxx

  28. Looks like a fun day! And I didn’t know they got F21 in England- that’s awesome. now we just need to get us Primark over here!

  29. LOVE your haul <3

  30. So many cute purchases! I can’t wait to go to Forever 21 but I think I will go to the one in London.


  31. Mat

    lots and lots of jumpers, man it’s getting cold out isn’t it. it always takes e by surprise.

    glad you decided to comment on my last post.