Cat Eye

Another day, another beauty post. I’m really getting quite in to these lately which is a good thing considering how much makeup I own and how much time I now spend playing with it. I reckon it’s increased self confidence. Despite my head telling me it’d do the opposite, weight gain has actually boosted how I feel about myself and I’ve now gained a stone, with just half a stone to go until my goal. What a Christmas present eh?
Mascara fiend me was recently sent Maybelline Volum’ Express Mascara, Colossal Cat Eyes to try out. I’ve said it time and time again how fussy I am when it comes to mascara so I was a bit apprehensive in trying out yet another one, not sure how it could possibly stand up to what I already use.

(hello crinkly skin!)
This mascara gave a different effect to the one I usually favour. I like my lashes to look thick and full and this mascara didn’t quite do that. I don’t mean it in a negative way though…I quite like the thinner, more flared out look and I can see how, with a dash of liner like the packaging suggests you can get that flicked out “cat eye” look and I will be trying this once I get over my whole glitter eyeliner month thing I’m currently going through.
My eyes are really sensitive to mascara and this one did a great job at not irritating them which wins instant brownie points. It was easy to use even though I’m not normally a fan of fancy shaped brushes (this one boasts a “claw” brush) and it might not have trumped my current mascara as a favourite but it has come a close second and one I’ll use for when I feel like branching out a bit. The mascara is currently on sale for £7.20 on The Salon Look which is a pretty good price for mascara these days, certainly no more expensive than other well known brands. I’m glad I was given the chance to try this as it stops me falling in to a rut.
Which are your favourite mascaras? Not that I ought to add more to my collection- I need to carry on using up what I already own!
Happy Christmas Eve folks!
I’m working till 1pm, staying for a buffet lunch then heading home to relax. I’m loving being back at work although it’s exhausted me a bit but who cares eh? 

2 comments for “Cat Eye

  1. I literally just picked this mascara up for £5 in Asda! It looks pretty good. What’s your usual mascara? Thick and full is exactly what I’m after.

  2. I am a mascara whore, and I have no shame. I quite like the Benefit They’re real, but it didn’t last very well for a mascara that’s the best part of £20. Currently trialing the latest Loreal….