Channel 4 Need You!

Everyone loves a bit of fashion TV right? Everyone has dreams of being on TV, right?
That’s why I’m helping to spread the word about a quite frankly brilliant sounding new show from Channel 4.
Channel 4 are making a BRAND NEW fashion show hosted 
by Dawn O’Porter and we are looking for people from all 
over the UK to take part.
Do you live and breathe designer/high-street clothes and
wouldn’t be seen dead in vintage or second hand clothing?
Are you a high street shopaholic?  Do you have all the clothes 
but nothing to wear?
This Old Thing  will celebrate vintage fashion, show how to repair and revive clothing to bring it up to date, and hope to cure the country’s addiction to fast fashion – one wardrobe at a time.   Dawn sets out to prove that classic clothes from the past can be the way forward.
Each week Dawn will take on a vintage fashion virgin and introduce them to the alternative world of fashion.
Channel 4 are looking for fashion fans nationwide to apply to take part in the show,
if this sounds like you then you simply need to contact 
Maybe I’ll see one of you lovely lot on the small screen soon.

3 comments for “Channel 4 Need You!

  1. My passion is 1950s fashion. I love your hairstyle, it really suits you. I wish we had that channel here in Rome.

  2. OHHH I love Dawn Porter.

    I would not like to be on TV though. Scary. Are you applying birdie?

    Corinne x

  3. Ahh, I love Dawn Porter (or should that be Dawn O’Porter) and I’m a sucker for these kinds of shows so I’ll definitely be watching – don’t need to be persuaded about how awesome vintage is though 🙂