Child’s Play

Little shopping tip for you ladies; don’t discount the kids section for clothes…their largest teen sizes are often the equivalent of a UK 8/10/12 and you can find some real hidden gems at lower prices.
This dress is a couple of years old now but came from Next’s teen department. I love maxi dresses and this one is perfect for this time of year with it’s longer sleeves. Other good haunts for kids clothes are Matalan, Asda and New Look…I’ve had pieces from all of them. Obviously the men’s department is another good haunt; hello baggy jumpers and super cosy PJ bottoms!

Excuse the cat backside in the photos, Mae just can’t resist. She’s been in her element with me home all week and if she wasn’t so cute she’d be in serious trouble!

How is your weekend going? Mine is going pretty damn well given the week I’ve had; champagne in the post, venturing in to the outside world, rubbish on the telly, fab! My foot is not at all happy today as I decided I didn’t need to take my crutches yesterday; sadly I do not learn, guess I’ll be a hop-a-long for a while yet!


9 comments for “Child’s Play

  1. Amy

    I always have a hunt in the kids section, especially at Boden – all my Boden bits are from the kids/teen ranges! This dress is cute. I love it with those tights!


  2. That dress is stunning I cant believe its from the kids section. Kids sections in Oz are not like that, which is a damn shame.

  3. My sister always raves about the kids sections and they are much cheaper as well!

  4. this is gorgeous and really suits you. :]

  5. This dress is a beauty! I love New Look kids section as they have quite a few pieces from the adults range in there. x

  6. You look lovely, I adore the colour of those tights 🙂

    Maria xxx

  7. Ah i need this dress in my life, so beautiful and you look super pretty too lovely lady! X

  8. I love this dress, gutted it’s not still available to buy now! You look gorgeous in it!

  9. This is great – so 70s. And perfect with the tights!