Chilling with FruitBroo

Back in December I did a little post about FruitBroo and their awesome fruity hot drinks. It was love at first taste and so I was super excited when they got in touch to tell me they’d launched iced teas for the Summer in two amazing sounding flavours.
A few days later samples of the new flavours arrived at my door, and I dug them out especially for that gorgeous weekend we had a couple of weeks ago. These have to be the easiest way of making iced tea ever. All you need to do is add 3-4 tsps of the broo in to a glass, add iced water and ice then stir and enjoy. Containing no caffeine, gluten or dairy and containing only 14 calories per serving these are the perfect refresher for a hot sunny day (or to add some sunshine to a not so sunny day!)
My favourite flavour was the Elderflower & Lime as this is one of my favourite flavour combinations when it comes to drinks anyway. This was lovely and light and would be a really good alternative to wine at a BBQ for the non-drinkers. Not that mine will last long enough to make it to a BBQ as it’s diminishing at a rapid rate!
The other flavour is Peach, Pear & Honey which despite being peach, which I dislike was still really very nice. The combination of flavours is beautiful and sweet, it almost reminds me of drinking cocktails on holiday.
Each 200ml bottle costs £3.50 (you get 22 servings from each) and if you order three or more online you get free UK delivery. I’m so glad to have discovered FruitBroo, a local company as well, which is just an added bonus! I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.
Have you tried these? What other flavour combinations would you like to see?


5 comments for “Chilling with FruitBroo

  1. They sound very yummy and perfect for a non alcoholic alternative.

    X x

  2. I have the warm tea version of this, it’s really refreshing! Would love to try the iced tea version, maybe with some gin added! 😉

  3. These sound delish!

  4. Oh I want to try these!! I love iced tea!
    Two Hearts One Roof

  5. Katie

    Those sound amazing! I love the concentrated drink ideas because, as a nurse, it’s nice to have something to keep in my locker for a quickie at work!