Yesterday I broke away from my standard work wear colours and went all out in brights! The green skirt is a new piece from Topshop. I usually write Topshop off at over-priced but at £26 this was reasonable AND versatile, so it came home with me (along with some of their basic vests)



The peacock vest is a couple of years old now from H&M. It is one of those pieces I wish I had bought in bulk as it is my dream vest. At around £8 I am wondering why I didn’t stock up!

Hopefully I’ll have some more outfit posts this week, as well as other exciting things…

tomorrow = a long overdue baking/recipe post. It’s a good ‘un.


35 comments for “Colour

  1. Very cute :), love the skirt.

    Sadie xx

  2. Eeh such a nice outfit! Very colourful 😛 I love the skirt x

  3. This outfit is gorgeous! xxx

  4. Love it! I’m now wondering why I’ve never thought of combining converse with coloured tights… Now might be the time to start! x

  5. You look so great in brights- I love the colours, especially the tights!

  6. Angela

    Great colorful outfit. Makes you cheerful just looking at it. Love the shade of blue in the tights and the green of the skirt 😉 xx

  7. This is so fun and cute! Adorable 🙂


  8. Woooo Laura the rainbow!! This outfit genuinely makes me happy, although maybe not quite as happy as the prospect of recipes soon…omnom! x

  9. What gorgeous colours! Such a lovely, cheerful outfit ^_^

    Florrie x

  10. Wow i actually love this outfit Laura x

  11. Love the mix of colors! Very daring.

  12. love that vest its to pretty

  13. Love your outfit! The colours are great 🙂 Nothing makes me smile like wearing lovely bright colours xx

  14. Amazing shirt!!!


  15. Loving the green with the cute pink Converse. xx

  16. Such a cheerful outfit:D The peacock is gorgeous! I imagine that would quickly turn into a favorite shirt.

  17. Awesome colours! Lovely and summery. And you look lovely, as always x

  18. Love the vest 🙂

  19. Mat

    man that is bright! i need some colour at the mo

  20. Ann

    Loooove the green! Such a great color for summer, and that top is very cute. I think peacock feathers and prints are just so pretty 🙂

  21. Those colours look awesome! xxx

  22. love your colour blocking, its a great bright look 🙂

  23. Colours really suit you. I love the green skirt.

  24. :O! I love this! Amazing colours. <3 x x

  25. You look deliciously 80’s inspired here. Love that skirt!

  26. love the colors combination, this year is time for bold colors!


  27. what a an awesome colour combo. Looks great! x

  28. love the bright colours here, thaty topshop skirt is fab!

  29. Wow love this colour combo!

  30. I love all the bright colours. You look great! So cheering. x

  31. Amy

    Ooh I love this outfit! You look so adorably fun! The way you worked all these colors together is ingenius. 🙂

  32. This is such a lovely summer outfit!
    The colours look great together and I am really loving your peacock top 🙂

  33. Yay! Hooray for colour blocking! x
    ps the baking above has got my mouth watering! X

  34. Yay, you look great sporting all those colours together!