Crazy for Daisy

Despite the name of my blog and my many online handles, my name isn’t actually Daisy. Not that you’d know it- my Granddad and some other friends/family members rarely call me by my real name (Laura) any more and it can get a bit confusing from time to time- not least for me, who has to remember what I’m supposed to be answering to at any given moment!
I think because of this I do have a bit of an affection, or obsession with anything and everything Daisy related; this season has been heaven as there are so many Daisy themed bits and bobs on the high street and it went without saying that when I saw this jumper on the Topshop website I would find a way to make it mine. A shopping trip with Mum the weekend before last, when I had some birthday money to spend on myself was the perfect excuse and I’ve worn it with everything and anything ever since! A lot of the time I tend to skip Topshop, it’s mostly out of my budget and a lot of what they come out with is too short or doesn’t fit my frame very well, but there are exceptions and this was most certainly one of them.

Jumper: Topshop | Skirt: Primark | Boots: Miista @ Sarenza

You can see how I really have embraced the trend for all things pastel right now, perhaps a tad overly so? I couldn’t resist this chiffon skirt in Primark, a mere £10 and so girly and floaty and the most beautiful shade of blue. I couldn’t find any clean nude tights among my collection so opted for some shimmery pale pink ones instead and then finished the look with my very colour co-ordinated Miista boots which I love so much. It’s a shame I don’t get to wear them more really, the satin nature of them makes them not that practical for the British weather!
I’ve done rather a lot of shopping lately, thanks to my Birthday money so there will probably be several new things on the blog in up-coming posts. I’m totally loving the high street at the moment, I’m super happy with all my purchases (rare for me, queen of buyers remorse!) and could easily have spent a LOT more money if I’d had it available to spend!
Any one else feeling the high street love right now? I’m especially loving European brands like Zara and Pull & Bear for lots of clean cut, pastel goodness.


10 comments for “Crazy for Daisy

  1. You look so pretty & Summery! This jumper was definitely made for you 🙂 I thought of you when I did my daisy nails!! I have to admit when I first started reading your blog I thought your name was daisy, but I checked your profile bit to make sure & realised your name is Laura 🙂 I agree with you about Topshop – I don’t usually buy anything in there because the prices are high for what I can usually find cheaper elsewhere, but occasionally there’s something I just have to have! Looking forward to seeing more of your birthday purchases xxx

  2. I agree re Topshop. Your outfit is so pretty, all the item tie so well together x

  3. Liz

    Ooh I love that skirt. Might have to make a trip to Primark after payday… Xx

  4. I did go a little bit mad in Topshop on Saturday, and bought a rain mac and a sequin top – neither of which I need – but haven’t seen an awful lot I’ve loved on the high street lately, if I’m honest. I love this pastel look on you.

  5. Love you in pastels, you always look so pretty!

    Maria xxx

  6. Your Daisy graphic Topshop jumper and pastel blue Primark chiffon skirt look fabulous together. I’ve never been to the High Street but if I ever visit the UK a shopping trip there sounds like a must!

  7. Daisy is such a pretty family nick name to have, my youngest’s is Mabel and she loves it.

    Pull & Bear has been a favourite of mine and my girls for a while now and has some great pieces at the moment.

    X x

  8. You look pretty in pastel! X

  9. Love this jumper! I wonder if they do a Lily one… x

  10. I thought your name was Daisy for ages when I first read your blog! This jumper is so lovely and so YOU xxx