cuddle monster

Skirt, Zara. Top and faux fur gilet, New Look. Tights, Pretty Polly. Boots, Jeffrey Campbell c/o Sarenza.

Every time I see someone wear faux fur, be it in real life or on a blog I feel compelled to give them a huge cuddle. There is something so appealing about it, and I really do have to restrain myself from walking up to strangers and casually stroking their arm. Anyone else like that? No? Just me then!

Not much happening in my little part of the world; we escaped the snow chaos (I even have slight envy over the white stuff) and I have a madhouse of a week ahead. How’s it going for you?

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33 comments for “cuddle monster

  1. Hi, nie outfit! I have been aggling at these boots on the sarenza webpage. are they as comfy and werm as they look? Could they get wet without getting damaged? they looks so great but I am afraid of ruining them easily.. hope you don’t mind all the questions πŸ™‚ xx Alice Barton β™₯ The Mow Way

  2. Ooh, you look warm. Your hair is looking great too. x

  3. Cuddle monster, I think I will use that term, it’s a good one.

    Karys x

  4. Anonymous

    You’re so organised with your pre-breakfast tweets! Love the boots but I’ve never worn any sort of fur; I’m always scared of giving off bad vibes and getting red paint thrown on me!

    Emily x

  5. You do look super cuddly and warm, perfect for this cold snap of weather we’re having xoxo

  6. Can I just say… I have absolutely terrible Boot Envy right now. They are amazing!
    I’d love a faux fur coat or something to be all snuggly in today! It’s freezing x

  7. I love this outfit. It does look so cosy. I have a few faux fur pieces and notice my daughters keep trying to cuddle me all the time when I wear them. They call my faux fur coat the teddy bear coat.

  8. i love your fur gilet and shoes! i’ve been wanting a cute little gilet like that for ages πŸ™‚
    i have the tendency to have to stroke every faux fur clothing i see too!


  9. i love this! i often feel quite cuddly, but then i have times where i would punch anyone who touched me, so people never know where they stand…

    please come to london! seriously! for the day? we’d have so much fun! xxxx

  10. Oh yes please, I’d give you as hug in a heart beat! x

  11. Oh you look very lovely and warm. I like how you’ve styled this. xx

  12. cute outfit – I love the vest and the boots.

  13. I know what you mean! I had a Jean Paul Gaultier faux fur jumper which I christened the Teddy Bear jumper and I was constantly giving myself hugs! You look lovely as ever x

  14. I always envy over how warm and snug faux fur outfits look!

  15. It’s totally not just you! I have been known to stroke friends of mine, without paying much attention purely because of their fluffiness! So feel yourself ‘online stroked & hugged!’

    You always looks so beautiful & those boots OH MY!

    We had a bit of snow, don’t have snow envy, think how inconvenient it is really? Can you imagine trying to get yourself to work through the snow? BIG <3 xxx

  16. Vix

    I live in fake fur, it’s so snuggly! You look fab and loving those booties! x

  17. Love the Gilet, so snug!

  18. I am forever jealous of your style X

  19. this is a fur gilet I should own! love your boots here x

  20. Aw I love furry clothing, it def makes me feel cosy! Loving your boots too, fabby! πŸ™‚

  21. Lovely outfit πŸ™‚ Every time I wear my fur coat people start cwtching me, at first I thought people were being nice, then I realised they were using me for my warmth! xx

  22. The faux fur gilet look amazing and so soft! I definitely need some proper faux fur in my life. And loving your shoes.

  23. Yes, I love tactile fabrics, fur , suede… you name it, I’ll cuddle it..

    Maria xxx

  24. Your gilet looks so cosy! xx

  25. I couldn’t agree more!!! I love furry stuff! That said, random people DO come up and stroke me! At school, the kids always do that to me!!! Apparently, according to one girl, “I notice Miss, you always wear something fluffy!”

    You look tres cute here- I’d come up and hug you!

  26. So cute! I love the teddy bear gilets!

    J x

  27. love the outfit, awwww cuddle monster, thats cute.
    B xxx

  28. I really do need a gilet in my life xxx

  29. You look so pretty! I think I’m too top heavy for a gilet but I still want one! xx

  30. I feel warmer just looking at that gilet… I want!


  31. I feel warmer just looking at that gilet… I want!