Customising Your Home: Interior Design Ideas

Recently I posted some of my interior ambitions sharing my favourite decorative pieces from Fabrics & Papers. Well, from decoration to statement furniture, I bring you some great websites that offer the ability to customize the look and feel of your furniture.
There are two things I love about this website. The fact that the furniture is not mass produced and the three step process allowing you to select your shape, size and fabric. The most important thing to me, when I finally get to have my own place, is to be unique. At least this way, the likelihood of someone having the exactly same sofa as me is lessened. They have a huge range of contemporary sofas, here are a couple of my favourites:

It may not be practical but this red small sofa makes a statement and is perfect for an office waiting room or an additional seating for guests in your living room. Love it!

The combination of pinks and purples are just divine on this blocked corner sofa. I guess by being given the option to select your own fabric you really can be as unique as you like! Part of me just wants to play giant Tetris with this one. That should keep my friends entertained when they come over.
2. Knesting – Re-covering Ikea Furniture
If you haven’t got the budget to buy new furniture and feel a little bored with your old Ikea furniture, then Knesting could have the answer. They specialise in fabric covers for Ikea furniture specifically and can turn this Klippan sofa…

Into this designer looking sofa…

Pretty cool right? I know which one I prefer!

3. Interior Design Online – Make Room Plans!
For anyone with a little money to throw at their interior design project, this could be the solution for you. This is also great for any ‘Monica’s’ out there that really like to plan everything out. Basically you can create your own interior design room plan and include elevation drawings like this one:


It’s almost like playing SIMS with your own home. Can you imagine being able to play with ideas and switch and change them until you find the perfect look for your home? Well now you don’t have to, you can make it a reality with the help of these guys.
4. Make Your Rooms Energy Efficient

Another way to update your room is by updating your windows! You would be surprised at how much warmth you can lose via old windows, so if swapping for UPVC Windows, then you may even find your heating bills reduced and who doesn’t love a bright, white window to make a room feel new and fresh.

What do You Think?
Whatever you decide to do I hope I helped inspire you a little. I would love to hear from anyone who has recently decorated their home using customised techniques like these. My chance to redesign my home may be a way off yet but a girl can dream!


4 comments for “Customising Your Home: Interior Design Ideas

  1. Love this. That purple pink sofa is amazing

  2. I love dreaming up interiors for my future home! We spent an afternoon this week wandering around Ikea ooh’ing and aah’ing at clever storage solutions and fabulous design. I love the idea of designing your own contemporary sofa online, I’d like my future home to be quirky and individual in style xxx

  3. Love these ideas. I am looking to have a little refresh in my house. The orange sofa looks great.