Daisy Chain Dreaming: La10 Jewellery

This blog is full of wishlists lately, but I seriously can’t help myself. The latest objects of desire come from Jewellery brand La10 who specialise in unique designs inspired both by 19th Century architecture and the geometric lines of modern day life.

Each piece is unique, with it’s own story and character making it ultra special. At around £120-£190 for a ring it’s not cheap; but then, it’s not expensive either when you consider the workmanship that goes in to it and jewellery is one area in which I don’t mind investing.
At the moment my ultimate dream piece would be the open pearl ring in sterling silver although I could happily see myself wearing anything from the entire website!

Do you like to invest in jewellery? I’m sick of wasting money on cheap rings and necklaces that turn my skin green or tarnish after a couple of wears…the only thing I will always buy cheap is earrings because I am forever losing them! What’s caught your eye from La10?


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  1. I love the look of this website, unfortunately one piece of jewellery from there would take up the majority of my monthly disposable income, which is why I suffer green fingers and shop in Primark! xx

  2. These are pretty!
    I’m definitely a cheap jewellery kind of girl though! I get bored too easily, lol

  3. Agree with the above – beautiful pieces but too expensive for me. Doesn’t mean I can’t look though? haha


  4. I only just seem to have turned my attention to higher end jewellery; I put it down to age. Then again a £1 necklace in Primark can take me off guard sometimes! xxx

  5. Great Post. I love your blog!
    Please vote for my dress at this link.
    Katie. xx

    Dreaming Of Forever.

  6. I love those rings, but I think I might loose them 🙁
    The only ring I have managed to keep for more than a year is my scrabble tile ring with my initial on it – I think it cost me a whopping £2 🙂

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

  7. such pretty pieces!
    i’d love to be able to invest in longer-lasting pieces that will stay timeless and in good condition…but knowing myself that won’t happen haha. I can never stop myself from stocking up on jewelry if I see that it is a cheap price!

  8. Oh my word those are absolutely gorgeous! I have a huge list of wants from their collection I love their half moon necklaces, so so beautiful.



  9. rings look very interesting!

  10. I actually never buy accessories haha, I just always kind of forget I want them and get distracted by dresses.
    I love these rings though! They’re so modern and pretty.

  11. wow those are beautiful pieces. I would happily have them all!
    Daisy Dayz
    My Hub Pages

  12. These are so pretty, they are kind of like silver versions of Alex Monroe? I’m sick of wasting money on cheap jewelry that gets ruined after a few wears but I don’t have the patience to save up for the expensive stuff! x

  13. I like to wear unique and branded jewellery so much. Its all thing is too good and share such lovely sterling silver jewellery. You have done great work.