Daisy Daisy




I remember when I first saw this dress in New Look, back near the start of the year. I knew that at some point in my life I’d end up owning it, but balked at the £30 price tag (because I am cheap!)
Last week, when out with Becca, I saw it in the sale for £15. Fate? I had to buy it.

The shoes were kindly sent to me by Yull


They are a prototype of the Primrose shoe, the front of which has now changed. I am the only person to own this original style, and I couldn’t be happier!

I have a morning off today, much needed! Holiday season has well and truly started and work is MAD.
I have holiday envy, I need to get my arse in to gear and book some time off and take myself somewhere hot and sunny!


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  1. £15! Wow. It looks great on you 🙂

  2. that dress is absolutely fantastic on you! x

  3. Omg! I have the exact same dress lol and like you when I saw it I had to have it of course I couldn’t wait and had in at the full price:( but it was a treat to myself for getting a place at uni. Looks lovely on you. Xxx

  4. You look adorable, love the new hair btw xoxo

  5. You look lovely !! Those shoes are kind of perfect too!

  6. I do love a fateful bargain! Freaking amazing shoes too, lucky lady!

  7. That dress is gorgeous! Well done for holding off on buying it and getting it at a bargain price!!

  8. a truly unique pair of shoes… i’m so jealous! Love the dress, eps.the price, well done for holdiong out for the sales. I’m not sure i could have done it!
    Got any where in mind for your hols?

  9. Perfect bargain! And perfectly suited to you – it looks lovely!


  10. What patience you have, not sure I could’ve waited! It looks lovely on you 🙂 x

  11. Gorgeous dress! I love it when something you’ve had your eyes on goes on sale. Fate + bonus x

  12. Gorgeous dress. Definitely worth the wait and yay for getting it at such a good price.

    Also LOVE those shoes. They look great.

  13. Beautiful pumps, my dear!


  14. I too fell in love with this dress but fell out of love with it when I tried it on and felt like I needed a pair of bloomers to flash when I tilted forward slightly…..it was farrrr to short on me!

  15. I love the shoe+dress combo! So glad you got a dress you’d wanted for steal. Its like a double good feeling, saving money and not kicking yourself for spending too much!

  16. Oh my that dress is gorgeous!

  17. Dress is v pretty!! You look lovely x

  18. Oh my gosh, those shoes!! You lucky lady – they’re gorgeous!

  19. I love that dress, it’s a nice length aswell so can be used for work xx

  20. Such a baragin, it looks lovely on you xx

  21. Vix

    Those shoes are just gorgeous, what a fabulous thing to own. xxx

  22. When i saw this dress instore i immeadiately thought of you. its gorgeous and those shoes are fab x

  23. work is mad for me at the minute too..i cant wait for holidays!! im off to crete on tuesday and I cant wait!! love the dress laura! 🙂 xo

  24. Why are you so adorable??? I am totally envious of your fabulous wardrobe, btw.


  25. Your hair looks stunning in this post 🙂 x

  26. Very pretty dress x

  27. Yay! I loved that dress when I saw it but it only seemed to be in teenage sizes when I saw it and my friend Margaret had it so I couldn’t buy it- am most envious!
    Nice shoes!

  28. Nice shoes! How amazing to have a totally unique pair too!

  29. Amy

    OMG! I love your hair and of course the a dress is simple fabulous on you!

    Hope your having a great week.


  30. I fell in love with this dress a long time ago too – in fact I can tell you it was February, my friend had bought it & was wearing it for a night out & I loved it, but like you was too cheap to buy it!

    I may well have to really annoy her now by buying the same dress as her but for half price..

    Those shoes are gorgeous – I love the colours. And how exciting that they’re unique to you!?


  31. Cute outfit and stunning shoes. Fancy having the only pair!

    X x

  32. Tia

    wow you look amazing

  33. I’ve also bought that dress in the sale! I blogged about it here http://afeitar.blogspot.com/2011/06/meet-up.html I really love it. Also bought a similar shaped one but was white floral for £12. Love New Look sales!