darker shade of floral

One of a few outfits from last week that I have saved to share; Floral Tunic from New Look, Tesco tights, Yull Chelsea Boots. You can’t really see from the photos but I also wore these cute little earrings sent to me by Jon Richard.

You couldn’t really see this tunic last time I wore it to the opening of the Boux Avenue store in Bristol, it’s grown on me I think; I didn’t really think my outfit through that day!

We’re doing a bunch of DIY at home this week so my internet access may be limited; I promise I’m not ignoring your blogs!


14 comments for “darker shade of floral

  1. Love this dress! So pretty x

  2. This is so pretty

  3. I love the floral tunic, darker florals are perfect for autumn/winter, I know I’ve got a few in my wardrobe xxx

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous outfit! I can see why you love the boots so much xxx

  5. Love your tunic šŸ™‚

  6. It’s a really pretty tunic šŸ™‚ xx

  7. Mat

    not quite the point but black tights really suit you

  8. Ahh you look so cute in that floral tunic, love all your little poses. Compliments your hair really nicely. And the shoes are beautiful as well.

    Gemma x

  9. Oooh, helLO!! Love that dress!!!! Love the cutesy pose too!

  10. Gorge! And can I say, loving your hair!

  11. This is a lovely dress, I do like a floral that is on the darker side…

  12. Swit swoo šŸ™‚ Loving the dress x