days off.

Tuesday are usually my day off. Sometimes I have to work, but generally it is the only day that I have entirely at my disposal.

It is perfect for jeans, blouse and bare feet.

I have a love hate relationship with these jeans; a size bigger than usual AND they feel tight. Sort it out clothes shops. I am also having a love hate relationship with my camera right now. It is only a basic point and shoot, but surely it should produce better photos with this with some tweaking?!

((Or sort it out Laura))

Some Tuesdays I go shopping. Usually with Mum. Other Tuesdays I stay in. Today was a doing day. Wardrobe clearings, shoe organisation, general stuff like that.

Other favourite ways to spend days off include spending all day reading, baking cakes and treats or planning a proper day out with friends!

Days off,
how do you spend yours?


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    I love how your style is evolving! Great outfit!


  2. While I am out of work at the moment so I am looking for another job inbetween shopping.
    Although I need to get a job soon otherwise I won’t be able to go shopping lol!

  3. I usually plan to stay in bed and relax, but I usually end up shopping or visiting friends!


  4. Your outfit is perfect for a day off!
    I usually spend my days off staying at home, but sometimes I also go out for shopping and walking around the city.

    Have a great day!

  5. A day off… what’s that?….. lol apart from weekends, I never get relaxing days off 🙁

  6. I normally wear that sort of outfit to work!!!

    And days off… urm… don’t get any!! 🙁 Normally just do major clearouts when I do…!


  7. love days off, perfect for jeans!
    you look great as usual

    Claire x

  8. I usually get wednesdays & thursdays off completely, with saturday being boyfriend day 😀 I work shifts so it really depends on when I’m needed/if there’s overtime available.

    I spend my time off catching up with housework, baking, jewellery making, shopping, I guess it realy depends on the week.

    Sometimes I use it to go visit my dad.

    Fiona x

  9. I’m having camera probs too. They keep coming out blurry, no idea what I’m doing wrong! xx

  10. Perfect day off outfit, really like the blouse & jeans – although I hate it when shops are always different sizes! x

  11. Even though it isn’t a day off for me, I am baking..WHOOPS 😛

    Maria xxx

  12. gee days off, shopping and eating i guess for me:)

    i can understand the frustrations you must have with those jeans!

  13. I love the blouse and like the photo 🙂

    Days off, hmm, haven’t had any this year, got a week off booked in June. Time for friends and family I suspect.

  14. Days off normally read up being spent being a book worn or messing with crocheting stuff – that and extra time to talk to the boy or being a good daughter and helping out the folks with random things.

    Get so tired with my long days at work and commuting that I tend to just want to be super lazy when it comes to time out x

  15. Jeans and shirt look fab.

    My days off are spend walking up huge hills at the moment in training for next weekends Three Peaks challenge! After that I hope to be able to chill a little more.

    X x

  16. You look lovely, jeans really suit you.

    Sadie x

  17. whats a day off?… Ha. Spent doing housework and trying to catch up with lonnnng outstanding jobs. I am always finding jeans too tight. Urgh.

  18. Lil

    I’m not very good at staying in on my days off. I’m not very good at staying in ever! But usually I take my iPad to a coffee shop, get a big mug of tea and read blogs and articles and digital magazines at my disposal! Though usually, when I get home, there’s at least some tidying and orgasing to do! Xx

  19. !!!!!
    I’m OBSESSED with that blouse! Where is it from?
    You look great!

  20. like the jeans 🙂 I have today off, i got home at 9am (i do a sleepove once a week) had some cereal, blogged, then went to bed. I’m planning on not getting dressed now i’m up (its 1pm. I’m going to do house work in my PJ’s blog a bit more, read, bliss….

  21. My day off is a day for doing the things I love. I start it out with a work out then spend the whole day being lazy. Lying on the bed while watching movie marathons.

  22. Loving the blouse, as for the camera- mine sometimes does that- it has to do with the light and the distance/zome I believe (?!) Just have to fiddle and keep trying. Or at least that’s why I do.

    Sounds like a productive was planned- Days off for me tend to revolve around getting up a bit later than usual, getting through necessary jobs like ironing and cleaning and trying to catch up with The Guy- meaning eating or going to do something.