Deck The Halls: The Art Of Christmas Decorations*

Ok, it’s October and WAY too early for me to be thinking about decorations really, but for any earlybirds out there- or at least those who like to plan way in advance, this one is for you!

Christmas decorations are an essential part of getting in to the festive spirit. If you’re looking to decorate this year with a sense of style, here are a few tips and tricks that are sure to impress guests and bring a sense of magic to your home.

Don’t be afraid of artificial trees

Many people love to have a real tree, but they can be costly and messy. An artificial tree will get more use – you can pull it out year on year. You can also style it more easily to your home- for example, you don’t have to go green – there are white artificial trees that can be great for making brightly coloured tinsel and baubles really stand out and there aren’t any messy pine needles to clear up or stop the cat from eating!

Create festive focal points

Create Christmas zones that draw attention, the tree is an obvious focal point but why not try having other focal points in other rooms? The dining room table can be a great focal point and even coffee tables can be dressed up for the occasion as these tips on decorating your coffee table for Christmas show. Other focal points could be a specially designated Christmas shelf in which all items are swapped out for Christmas items or a decorated door.

Keep practical zones free of Christmas clutter

Don’t let your Christmas decorations serve as obstacles. For example, it’s best to keep Christmas decorations to a minimum in the kitchen- you don’t want to be finding bits of tinsel in your turkey!


Make your own DIY decorations

A great trick for those on a budget is DIY decorations. Consider paper chains and origami snowflake cut-outs- building these can be a great activity to do with little folk in the run up to the big day! Look up guides online on how to make your own Christmas decorations – you’ll be surprised what you can build with materials you may already have.

Don’t just hang baubles on the tree

If you’ve got an excess of baubles don’t try and weigh down the tree with them. Consider hanging them on light fittings and in the corner of rooms as an extra embellishment around the home.


Use greenery

There are lots of plants that are commonly associated with Christmas such as mistletoe, ivy and holly. These can help to bring a natural feel to your home that may offset the heavy use of plastic ornaments and baubles. The likes of ivy can be hung over picture frames and door frames just like tinsel. You could also have wreaths all around the home – they needn’t just be reserved for your front door.

Incorporate Christmas scents and tastes

Fill the home with Christmas scents such as cinnamon to help get you in the mood. Scented cinnamon candles can make a nice touch. You can also make use of edible decorations such as hanging chocolates or baskets of mince pies. Just make sure that these edibles don’t all get eaten straight away (you may even want to introduce an after-Christmas rule, if you dare!)


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  1. I.just want my own house to decorate. I’m tired of our messy bungalow!x