Diet Coke x Karl Lagerfeld

I couldn’t NOT blog about this! Oh Diet Coke, I may cheat on you with Pepsi Max from time to time but you will ALWAYS be my favourite!

Diet Coke takes another stylish step into fashion this Spring by announcing its second fashion collaboration with international creative genius, Karl Lagerfeld. The world-renowned designer will create not one but three new and exclusive designs for the iconic Diet Coke bottle.

Available this summer, the ‘Diet Coke Limited Edition Collection by Karl Lagerfeld’ is totally irresistible and is set to become the perfect accessory for style conscious women everywhere.

Using the light and playful elements of his identifiable trademark style, such as graphic cuts, a contrasting black and white palette and clean lines broken with colour or detailing – Karl Lagerfeld has created a bold, contemporary yet instantly recognisable collection.

Referring to his first design for Coca-Cola light in 2010, Karl Lagerfeld said, “I love this bottle but it’s time for a new one. Actually I want to do three bottles.” He also added, “I loved what we did last year but I will love 2011 even more. I’m delighted about this collaboration.”

For this collection, Karl Lagerfeld has taken inspiration from the new Diet Coke heroines; Bernadette, Eleanor and Irene, the stylish puppets will appear in the brand’s latest TV campaign launching across Europe.

All three designs feature Karl Lagerfeld’s famous and instantly recognisable silhouette – the designs are also numbered (1,2,3) which makes these beautiful bottles truly ‘must have’ collectibles.

The ‘Diet Coke Limited Edition Collection by Karl Lagerfeld’ bottles will be available individually or as a set in an exclusive stylish prism-shaped Collector’s Box created by the designer.

As well as designing the collection, Karl Lagerfeld, already a reputable photographer within the fashion industry, has shot the Diet Coke advertising campaign featuring supermodels Coco Rocha, Heidi Mount and Jeneil Williams. Just like the bottles, each of these three supermodels has a distinct, individual look whilst working in perfect harmony together.

Inspired by the Diet Coke girls, these models will bring to life the characters of the puppets and perfectly encapsulate the brand’s playful and fashionable spirit.

Karl Lagerfeld is pleased with the latest collection and campaign, he comments, “It’s exciting for me because I love the idea and as everybody knows, I drink Diet Coke and nothing else, night and day. It was pure pleasure to do a campaign with people I like and for a product I love.”

Further exciting activity to celebrate this fashionable partnership is planned for later in the year, so watch this space…

Which bottle has caught your eye? Will you be on a mission for these? I don’t normally go in for this kind of thing, but this one just HAS to be done!


23 comments for “Diet Coke x Karl Lagerfeld

  1. I WANT one, and will definitely be on the hunt for them xx

  2. I try not to drink coke (1. because I get addicted and 2. it hurts my poor teeth) but I might have to make an exception if I come across these!

  3. These are soo cute, but i don’t really drink fizzy drinks! x

  4. diet coke addict right here, i will definitely be on a hunt for these! let me know if/where you find them!
    i love the pop art ones they did a few years back, but these are even better 🙂


  5. Like you I don’t normally go in for this sort of thing, but the pink stripy bottle’s kinda cool. I love the designs, but I don’t know if I’ll buy one, they’re brilliant though. xxx

  6. Diet coke is my one true love and these look LUSH. Perfect for summer picnics!!

  7. haha gorgeous 🙂

  8. I’m a pepsi max girl through and through, but that design on the left has got me very tempted! x

  9. Sadly I don’t like the taste of diet coke but I do really like the bottles. If they didn’t have the writing on they’d make really cute vases.

    Also I forget if I said before but your new(ish!) profile pic’s perfect. Love it 🙂

  10. I don’t like fizzy drinks but the bottle look great!

  11. Starlight

    They are pink! That’s awesome.

  12. adore the white one with stars. How amazing. I’d best buy one of each and recycle 🙂

  13. I don’t drink diet coke, actually I don’t drink coke at all but I wish I had Karl’s bottles.. they would be great in my office!

  14. J.

    They are all gorgeous, aren’t they?

  15. Diet coke and green tea are like all i drink. So i NEED these diet coke bottles in my room. They’re stunning, NEED them!

  16. Erm WOW!!! These are so cool! They would all catch my eye out and about, these are going to be dotted about fashion blogs all over summer I can see it!

  17. Oooh I am such a diet coke addict! This is exciting news 😀
    Sami xx

  18. I don’t drink the stuff myself but I do appreciate a good bottle. I have a scottish rabbie burns coke bottle that a friend gave me. x

  19. I am so fickle. Even my hubby said as soon as he saw these bottles that I would buy them just cause they looked pretty!

    X x

  20. How. Effing. Fabulous. I want one of each!! Soooo cute!

  21. oh WOW. these are such a girly must have.

    Helen, X

  22. lol, this made me laugh as I’m the other way around – I cheat on Pepsi Max with the occasioanl diet coke… though really I love them both 🙂