As much as we might be trying to deny the fact that Christmas is on the way, truth is there are only 39 days to go.
Dotcomgiftshop has long been a go-to place for buying Christmas gifts, with their fantastic range of unique and often vintage style wares to suit every one and every budget.

When they got in touch with me a couple of weeks ago offering to send me some cake tins I was delighted. You know I love baking. And I needed new tins. And I love dotcomgiftshop. It would have been downright stupid to say no. Right?

I’ve been saving writing this post until I’d had a chance to bake something to go in the tins


Today I finally had a chance, and whipped up a ginger cake to pop inside.

These tins, at £35 might not be cheap but what I really love is that you can use just one of them, or two, or all three. They also look pretty without being gaudy (as a lot of the tins I’d seen in shops were) and have the vintage feel that I love.

I don’t think the cake is going to last very long in the tin. It’s SO good. I had some whilst it was still warm from the oven. Delicious!

Check out dotcomgiftshop and their extensive selection of gifts for all. There are new arrivals every week, as well as special offers and extensive gift guides to help you find your perfect present.

What is your favourite piece from the site?

This is going on my wish list!

Bonus, random outfit photo from first thing this morning when a bleary eyed Mum played photographer.


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  1. I’m so jealous, they are gorgeous. I’ve been making ginger cake too, it didn’t last long!
    I have that dress hanging un my wardrobe waiting for me to fit in it again! xxx

  2. Gosh, that cake looks divine and I love the tin, too.
    Great outfit today. You are looking so pretty and loving the zingy yellow against the dove grey. xxx

  3. Ooh they’re lovely! I find cake tins a bit of a tricky purchase as they’re usually very very pink, but those ones are really nice and simple.

    Cake recipe pretty please!

  4. I think I need these in my life! I have a list as long as my arm of baking things I want, including tins! It’s so addictive isn’t it! The cake looks so delicious, I haven’t decided what to bake this week …but you may have just influenced my decision xx

  5. Ginger cake sounds soooo good, right about now! I’m going to check out this site.

    Love the photo!

  6. super cute little cake tin. haven’t heard of this site but will definitely check it out now… xx

  7. how awesome! i love cake! and tins! one slight downside is now people will know where your cake stash is? i made get a custom one saying spinach or something and keep all the cake to myself. greedy? non!
    x fi

  8. love the dress with those bright tights 😉

    i usually take photos in the afternoon but i might have to start doing it in the morning too haha. what time do you do it? the light looks good!

    ps. you have now made me crave cake 😀


  9. AND BY “I MADE GET” I MEAN “I MAY GET”. proofreading fail.
    x fi

  10. J.

    They are so cute!
    I actually don’t know the shop, but I will check it out right now!

  11. D.

    Looks yummy 🙂

  12. i really love that outfit 🙂 xoxox

  13. the tins are so pretty! very retro, which is a plus for me!
    oh and i got a hand warmer once at christmas from a friend! they’re so nice!
    and about the outfit, you look so cute, girly and comfy! which is always a great combination! 🙂

  14. I love <3 vintage style kitchen & house bits, bobs & trinkets. Amazing! I will have to show you the lovely kitchenwear shop we have in town if you visit - can imagine you buying lots from it.
    I continue to be utterly jealous of your amazing wardrobe selection x x x

  15. Those tins are perfect!! Indeed with a vintage feeling* And you look adorable with those tights, great color!

  16. ugh why did u have to put christmas into numbers… im dreading christmas shopping this year lol

    the cake bin is too cute and i the cake looks soooo good

    Vi from Cali

  17. Thanks for your lovely comment xx

    Love those yellow tights, and the cake tins are gorgeous *resists clicking the link*! 🙂

  18. That cake looks delicious! Please share the recipe 🙂

    (tagged you in an award)

  19. Mmmmm ginger cake and custard on a cold afternoon is one of my very favourites. I love the tins too they are lovely, but out of my price range with Santa on the way!
    Kandi x

  20. THIRTY NINE DAYS!?!?!? :O

    that cake looks lovely and you look stunning!

  21. what an adorable cake tin and well done on your cake hun

  22. omg…that is one cool tin can! 🙂 sooo vintage! x

  23. How sweet is that tin? Only problem would be i’d make three cakes to fit it and eat them all!!!

    Really like the mustard tights in your last picture.


  24. You look great, Laura! I love Christmas, this post has reminded me that I still need to purchase snow tires.

  25. Fantastic cake tin. Really need to get some new ones myself but they are possibly a little steep for me. Lovely outfit, the tights really draw out the colour in the dress. x

  26. kudos on the funky tights my love.
    and i’m scoping for similar cake tins, they’re adorable.
    following you.<3

  27. I love this cake!!!))) You very beautiful post dear)))

  28. that’s a cute tin for the cake mix! mines usually in a thin cardboard box…haha. I love baking cake! it’s so fun


  29. 39 days to go? O my!
    The cake tins are adorable though.

  30. ginger cake, may I taste it, that looks yummy 🙂


  31. It looks lovely ! And the cake does too ! Haha . Cute outfit 😉

  32. Ah yum! Makes me want cake so much! Really want that water bottle cover! So cuuute! X

  33. Those cake tins are gorgeous! I love them, that looks like a site I will definitely be visiting for my present buying needs!

  34. ooo I like the set ….. nice dress, sweater, tights and shoes:)