Easy Baking; Super Simple Chocolate Brownie

Who doesn’t love a chocolate brownie? This recipe has to be one of the quickest, simplest ones I have found, using only store cupboard ingredients meaning when the craving hits, you’ll be able to oblidge without a mercy dash to the supermarket! There is plenty of scope for something fancier too, for the small one in the first photo I added honeycombe pieces, other additions would be fruit, nuts, chocolate chunks…whatever you like really!

The recipe is one we clipped out of a magazine many years ago, so long ago I can’t even remember which magazine!

You’ll need:

8oz butter or margarine
16oz brown sugar
8oz plain flour
1 level tsp baking powder
1 heaped tsp salt (trust me!)
8 tablespoons of cocoa powder
4 eggs

(the recipe is very easily halved, it does make rather a lot!)


Melt the butter and sugar together in a large pan over a gentle heat

Once melted, add in all of the dry ingredients/eggs and beat togther

(at this point you’d also add anything fancy your throwing in)

Bake in a greased/lined 8 x 12 inch tin at 180*c for 20-30 minutes; a skewer insterted in the middle should come out clean. If you don’t want the top to go crispy/if the middle is taking a long time to cook you can cover the brownie with foil after 20 minutes and continue to bake.

Remove from oven, cool and slice.

This is one of those recipes that is amazing straight from the oven, but the texture improves if you can resist until the next day!

The recipe also suggests adding a topping, which I didn’t do, but a chocolate or coffee buttercream would work well!

Happy Baking,
let me know if you make this and what extras you add in!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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20 comments for “Easy Baking; Super Simple Chocolate Brownie

  1. Yum these look so good, I love brownies! Adding honeycomb pieces sounds like a great idea, I will definitely have to try that next time I’m baking!

  2. Oh yum that looks good! I can’t quite believe it but I have managed to mess up chocolate brownies quite badly before (they just tasted wrong…) but maybe it’s time to give them another go!

  3. That does look quite simple, think I might have to give it a try!


  4. mmmm these look delicious! i never used to like brownies (weird right!) but now I LOVE THEM!X

  5. This sounds amazing! If I wasn’t trying to be healthy, I would have made these right now!

    Maria xxx

  6. since i already failed to drop any weight for summer, i might as well give these a whirl! chocolate brownies are my favorite.


  7. SJP

    Blimey, those look gooood!

  8. I’ve (shockingly) never made brownies before. This looks simple and tasty – so I know what I’ll be doing next time I get a chocolate craving! Thank you for the recipe 🙂 xo

  9. Now this i am going to have to make! It looks yummy.

    X x

  10. You had me at chocolate… 🙂

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

  11. Sound delicious and simple! 😀

  12. Cela me semble délicieux…

    Gros bisous à vous…

  13. I think I have all of these ingredients in the cupboard. I might have a go at making them later today.


  14. I will have to give this a go xxx

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