Influx of outfit posts this week…what’s going on? This skirt is another new buy; bought Sunday, post night out shopping with Becca [she wore the same skirt Saturday night, as soon as I saw it, I needed it]

Sunday is a good day to go to Primark, especially when it is POURING rain outside. I have never seen it quite so quiet!




Worn, quite simply, with a Primark vest and bare feet. Perfect for a lazy Thursday morning at home.

Friday sees play it safe work wear…whilst firmly on the count-down to the weekend; it can’t come soon enough!


21 comments for “easy

  1. Hope you don’t mind me tagging along for the ride :0)

    Absolutely love the skirt, it looks great on you x

    Work outfit looks fab too but I’d love a closer look at those shoes you’ve got on !

  2. Beautiful skirt, looks super comfy 🙂 You look amazing in the rolled up chinos!

  3. that skirt is ever so cute – love it xxxxxx

  4. I spy the ICs making another appearance – hurrah!

  5. Lovely skirt! =)


  6. I love your work outfit! <3 xxx

  7. That skirt is perfect! You look lovely 🙂

  8. Really cute work outfit – so simple and I love your heels! Also I love Primark when it’s quiet! xx

  9. The skirt is gorgeous you look amazing! xxx

  10. god i wish i could wear maxis the way you do! xx

  11. Love your work outfit- you look so good in those trousers xxx

  12. You wear long skirts so well!

  13. that last outfit is amazing. I love it. x

  14. Lil

    You look great in the full length skirt! You look great in trousers too, I can never find good work trousers. Xx

  15. Those trousers are FAB. As is the skirt, looks so floaty and comfy 🙂

  16. Lovely maxi skirt – I love them but i don’t suit it, i’m far too short and it makes me feel so tiny 🙁 Hate being small. xxx

  17. Love the work outfit – very sleek and sassy x

  18. oh, how great are those black trousers?!!! So chic, love it! Great maxi skirt too!

  19. I bet no one else has said this before (kidding) but I AM IN LOVE WITH YOUR HAIR. You look great in this skirt and ahhhh you’re just great.

    strawberry freckleface

  20. I love your friday workwear look, definitely one of my fave outfits of yours. I’m always looking for workwear inspiration so thanks!

  21. Loving the Friday work combo, lovely trousers and pretty shoes too. As for Primark- I like to try around the 9am time during the week, Blissful- well as blissful as a shop can ever be.