Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

Introducing SilverFlint!

I came across these fab folk on Twitter and fell head over heels in love with their gorgeous collection,
they were kind enough to e-mail a bit more information about themselves so I could share the discovery with you guys!

Silverflintʼs Transeasonal Luxury SS11 Knits – Volumes and Versatility for the urban nomad New London based label Silverflintʼs luxury knits are designed with adventurers and style lovers in mind. Inspired by Silverflintʼs love of travel, each piece is both stylish and practical, designed to become THAT item of clothing you put in your suitcase first wherever you go, a garment you will love and wear forever. “I drew inspiration from the clothing worn by traditional nomadic tribes and gave the garments a modern, fashion spin. We all are urban nomads, I wanted to make the garments both beautiful and practical” says Joanne Maclean, senior designer. The result is a collection that is minimalist, chic and easy to wear; the SS11 designs offers playful volumes and structured pieces. The collection includes a selection of tops, ranging from soft superkid mohair cardis to light cashmere hooded ponchos and super stylish multi yarn open hand knits.

The signature “blankets” are available in plain vibrant tones or with a jacquard pattern. They are already a best seller and a future must have, easy to dress up or down. All garments are versatile and make the perfect layer pieces for a Spring day or a summer night. Silverflint strives to offer gorgeous premium garments at an affordable price with the classic blankets retailing at £75.

Currently Silveflint is available via their website (which is a delight to browse through!) and from the pop-up shop which you’ll find at 18 All Saints Rd, London, W11 1HH; by appointment only.
You can follow them on Twitter or stalk them on Facebook via the following links…

Twitter @silverflint and Facebook www.facebook.com/silverflintofficial

Here’s my top three from the online shop;

Classic Blanket in Blue, £75 (also LOVE the Hot Coral)

Hand-Knit multi yarn jumper, £85. This just looks so snuggly.

Hooded Poncho, £68. I thought I’d left Ponchos behind with my 17 year old wannabe hippie self…by I’m willing to make an exception for this beauty. LOVE.

What do you think? Are you a new Silver Flint fan?


16 comments for “Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

  1. ahhh i love the knitted one its gorgeous 🙂


  2. That poncho is gorgeous!

  3. I love the blanket, it looks so beautiful and warm

  4. all these photos are stunning! the wardrobe is awesome ! <3 xo

  5. I love the jumper, very snuggly looking. I think I am a new silver flint fan 🙂 And I think I will buy that owl necklace. xxx

  6. I love blanket chic! Also, I nominated you for a Stylish Blogger Award – http://chucksmiscellany.blogspot.com/2011/01/stylish-blogger-apparently.html. x

  7. Wow these look lovely, I am a huge knitwear fan so this is definitely up my street! I think they may have a new fan 🙂 xx

  8. i loooove the first one!!many many kisses!!

  9. I love the 2nd jumper x

  10. I love that poncho at the end, the sleeves are magnificent =)

    Hannah xx

  11. Definitely a fan 🙂
    Love the second image so much!
    http://www.clashingtime.blogspot.com <3

  12. Ooh – how comfy and gorg!

  13. Mmmm not a fan of the moncho but i love the rest !

  14. the last poncho looks really comfortable and although its not technically my style I think i’d give it a go 🙂


  15. Love the knitted jumper!! Gorgeous!!

    Stop by sometime! Maybe we could follow each other if you like:)