Fabulous Friday; Pure Collection

I seem to be all about the luxury at the moment, glitter, diamonds and now…cashmere. I recently clapped eyes on what I think is the perfect Cashmere Sweater Dress from Pure Collection and despite being out of my current price range, I want want want it…

The dress, which also comes in grey costs £179 which, this far in to the month is just eye-watering…but then can you really go wrong with such a classic dress? Perfect for layering with woolen tights and chunky boots..or something a bit smarter to keep warm at work. The shape and colours are timeless and…do I need to go on? I’ve talked myself in to a full scale obsession!

And seeing as I seem to be compiling a massive wish-list here, I’ll just tag on a few more things I adore from the Pure Collection website!




…and suddenly, my Mum’s ideas about matchmaking me with a young, rich and single doctor don’t seem so daft!

Happy Friday

14 comments for “Fabulous Friday; Pure Collection

  1. Lol! Maybe one of the boys from that young doctors programme? Although all of those seemed a little odd!
    I do like the dresses though, but the price is a bit mad.


  2. Ooohh I love Pure Collection – the catalogue always look so luxe 🙂
    I reckon one of those cashmere dresses would be worth saving for – I bet they are super soft and would last for years 🙂

  3. Moms always know best 😉

  4. Amy

    I think your mum’s got the right idea. Cashmere is supposed to be much warmer than sheep wool too.

  5. Mum’s definitely got the best idea! 😉 xx

  6. L

    Love love love the furry gillet!
    L x

  7. I’ve been lusting after a sweater dress

  8. I want a sweater dress to wear this winter, those are gorgeous but think I’ll have to find a cheaper option! x

  9. Mmmmm a cashmere dress sounds so delightfully cozy and warm. Sorry I haven’t been commenting much xo

  10. J.

    I love those dresses, I have something a bit similar from H&M, but it’s got to be like 8 years old by now (and it’s not cashmere either!). I’ve worn it soo many times!

    So I think something like that is definitely worth saving up for!

  11. Ooh nice, but pricey!

  12. Oooh, I love cashmere soooo much! It’s soooo snuggly and delightful! Mmmm, I would love that dress too! On my Christmas wish list is a black cashmere shawl which I can wrap around myself happily!

  13. I agree – the classic simplicity of the shape and cut of the cashmere dresses is just irresistable.