Gadget Girl- my bag buddy from Breo

I’m not one who’s blessed with the skill mult-tasking. I’m also obsessive about being on time for things. This can prove problematic, I’ve lost count of how many things I’ve tripped over or walked in to whilst trying to dig my phone out my bag to check the time (of course, I never remember to leave the house wearing a watch). When Breo announced their Bag Buddy watch range and I was offered one to review my problems were finally solved and I’ve not been late, or damaged myself/anything else since the day it arrived.
At £15 (and free delivery) I see this as a sound investment. My bag buddy has been sitting happily on my bag strap for weeks now…I haven’t been out much, obviously, but the times I have it’s been invaluable. I don’t really notice it’s there to be honest, it doesn’t annoy me when I walk or anything like that. But I have the time, right there ready to be checked. I can really see this coming in to it’s own when I’m back to travelling through town to visit Ben and have to co-ordinate bus times…that’s when the most of my mishaps occur. This is quite simply a brilliant innovation. Lately I’ve been getting in to all sorts of gadgety bits and bobs and this is so far my favourite. I’d love to see it in more colours- one for every bag, obviously. For anyone who fails to multi-task, or travels a lot/makes a daily commute this gets a 10/10 from me. My new best buddy!
Fellow clumsy people, regale me with tales of your best accidents, make me feel less alone in this.


2 comments for “Gadget Girl- my bag buddy from Breo

  1. Sorry but I don’t really get it where it’s for? You say for the time but can you just wear a watch haha 🙂 Anyway I think it’s cute and I’m going to their site right now to find out more because I’m intrigued 🙂 xx

    • Haha, I think it’s designed for the people like me who never remember a watch and who can’t wander around and grab their phone from their bag at the same time. That and people who travel a lot etc. I wish I had invented it tbh, it’s all kinds of genius xxx