Gadget Girl- Win an iPad mini case with Logitech.

Hands up anyone who barely trusts themselves with an expensive gadget? I have both hands raised, I am an accident waiting to happen- just last night I tipped a cup of boiling tea all over my leg narrowly missing my iPad, ouch. For this reason I am a big fan of protective gadget cases. A while ago I was sent a fabulous one from the folks at Logitech and now they are kindly giving five (yes five!) readers of my blog a chance to win their own too.
The Prize: One of five Logitech Folio Protective Cases for iPad Mini worth £39.99. There are 3 Fantasy Pink cases available and 2 in Acid Yellow.
How to Win:  to win you need to leave a comment on this blog post with your answer to the question “Tell us why your iPad Mini need the most protection?”
Basically we want to hear how many near-misses you’ve had with your iPad mini and what the worst/best/funniest one was. Along with this answer I’ll also need a way to contact you, e-mail or twitter is fine.
The giveaway will run for two weeks, closing on Wednesday 12th March at 6pm. After that five winners will be randomly selected from all elidgible entries and contacted by me. Prizes will be sent direct from the lovely folks at Logitech.
Open to UK entrants only, to qualify you MUST answer the question and leave me a means of getting in touch.
Good Luck! I’m looking forward to reading your answers.


54 comments for “Gadget Girl- Win an iPad mini case with Logitech.

  1. Marina Wilson

    My thumb is broken, I cannot grip,
    So I often let my iPhone slip.
    It needs protection until I’m better
    I look forward to the winning letter!

  2. iain maciver

    because I,m so clumsy

  3. Fiona K

    It needs protecting because it travels around a lot with me in all sorts of hostile climatic conditions!

  4. Kirsten Barthy

    I’ve got a toddler who loves my Ipad nearly more than I do so it could do with some extra protection

  5. My iPad mini needs extra protection because I take it to work with me almost every day, and I have that much paperwork in my locker it often slips out. I’m often faced with the choice between saving my iPad or saying the mountains of paperwork, I usually opt for the iPad which leaves me surrounded by boring stock-control type papers. It’s not a productive way to work. If my iPad breaks my heart breaks too.

    Also for when I go to FLORIDA! I mean, how cool would I look in Florida walking around with a pink iPad case??

    Corinne x

  6. C Palmer

    I have a make do case and I saw my 2 nieces age 8 and 10 with pink iPads. I asked them if their iPads were the latest version. They laughed and said its the case. There was me with my bulky non branded case. I need a case so I can show my nieces I can be hip to. (True story)’

  7. gary wilson

    because i am very clumsy and drop my ipad often

  8. Lisa Everaert

    I think im one of the most clumsiest people i know…. My first mobile phone, i dropped down the toilet. My first engagement ring i lost whilst swimming on holiday. I regularly bump into things and wake up with `new` bruises. My tablet nearly bit the dust recently when i was browsing the net and someone knocked on the door, in my rush to answer i dropped it and done the whole cover your eyes thing…… Maybe i need the ipad mini case and lotsssssss of bubble wrap for myself lol =/.

  9. monika s

    I have a little daughter, who bites absolutely everything, door hinges, radiator knobs, table edges.
    My ipad needs a high security device.

    • Hi Monika,

      you are one of the giveaway winners! Could you please contact me using the details on my contact page so I can arrange your prize?!

      Laura x

  10. Brad Start

    Go on, make me feel more mellow,
    Send me a case in nice bright yellow!

  11. Hannah ONeill

    Because I always just chuck it in my bag!

  12. Rosalind Sargent

    Because I am Clumsy 🙁

  13. Phil Darling

    Anything as sexy as my iPad mini needs prtoection

  14. Claire Smith

    Because my new puppy has a fatal attraction to it!

  15. Rachel Anderson

    Because having a dog that thinks he is a human isn’t necessarily a bad thing, until he gets apple envy and runs around the house with my iPhone in his mouth! Granted he hasn’t attempted to steal my mini (yet) but I wouldn’t put it past him. He is more crafty than the cravendale cats (not entirely convinced he isn’t part cat anyway) who managed to evolve opposable thumbs and terrorise people…

  16. Laura Pritchard

    I left mine within “firing range” of my son unclothed on the changing mat….. say no more!

  17. Katie

    I’ve only had mine for two weeks and I’ve dropped it five time already 🙁

  18. Heather T

    My iPad Mini needs protecting from my other half who tends to just “fling” it on the settee.

  19. My poor iPad needs protection because I’m the clutziest user in the world. I’ve dropped it, let it slip and twacked it so many times, I’m surprised it still works! 🙂

  20. claire woods

    Because my son who is eight will want to use it and he is very clumsy. Mostly he falls over rather than breaks things.

  21. Paul Witney

    Because I have to keep fighting my 5 year old daughter to get to it


    love the pink this will protect it from myself

  23. Amelia Avossa

    Because my 2 boys (toddlers) are always! on it more than me! im scared one day it will break 🙂 and logitech are fantastic brand so i could trust there protection

  24. Natalja Popsujeva

    to keep precious photos safe

  25. Catherine McAlinden

    My new iPad mini is like a third child to me, so it needs protecting!

  26. Kat allinson

    My ipad needs protecting because my 2 year old insists on showing me things on it but she isn’t the most gentle!

  27. Tammy Tudor

    my mum is always banging her ipad 🙂

  28. Solange

    I have butter fingers

  29. denise walker

    my little boy who is 4 is awful clumsy – but i can’t say no when he asks mommy can i pay on your ipaddy :(((

  30. Kelly Ellen Hirst

    My husband is a pilot and often takes our mini up with him to grab some pics, I’m not 100% sure this would protect it from falling from the sky but its worth a shot 😉

    I’m @kelandab on twitter xx

  31. Iram Mahmood

    My near miss with an ipad;
    well one day, I was walking past a shop, and saw it in the window. I was SO close to it, but alas, remembered I’m a broke student. So yeah, the fascinating story when I nearly had one.
    I haven’t given up hope, and this will be good for when I do get one, soon.

  32. Clint Howat

    I always drop my phone.

  33. Leeanne Pearson

    I have lots of photos of my daughter on it so it needs protecting – i really should back them up also

  34. Jemma Defroand

    My iPad need protection from me! I use it all the time but I’m so worried about breaking it due to my extreme clumsiness and butter fingers!

  35. Holly Lovatt

    My IPad mini needs the most protection from my children getting their hands on it!

  36. Donna Davies

    We just got an iPad mini today and I’m scared by how shiny and new it is! I’m renowned for my clumsiness so definitely need to get a case!

  37. My son uses it! Need I say more!

  38. Sarah Mills

    its my saving grace to keep my son quiet x

  39. Lani Nash

    It needs it because the first day I got it, I cracked it and had to get it repaired.

  40. I find myself following my son round teliing him to be careful. hold it nicely, dont put it there, be careful!

  41. Alice B

    My ipad min needs protecting as i use it all the time, and i am scared to death of it getting scratched or damaged, i would be lost without it, it’s my favourite gadget of all time 🙂

    Thank you

  42. Cathryn Bowen

    we have a gorgeous daughter – need I say more

  43. Susan Race

    1. Because I’m clumsy.

    2. My cat has decided its a challenge to see if she can fit onto the screen to sleep!

  44. Jennifer Rhymer

    My 3 year old has a habit of taking my iPad – I can’t get cross with her as she knows how to open the apps she wants to play with which I think is very clever – but she has a habit of leaving it on the floor and it has been sooo close to being walked on sooo many times that one of these days I fear it will happen..

  45. Georgia Keogh

    Two words- My Husband.

  46. michelle bennett

    Lol one word… kids! I have a heavy handed 7 year old, a butter fingered 11 yr old and ill be honest im not much better. I carry it around in my handbag as i use it for uni research when out and about and im that petrified of messing the screen up i wedge it between books to stop it being hurt.! 😀

  47. sj wesley

    Because it protects my memories and organises my life!

  48. Angie Hoggett

    because I have naughty parrots who like to chew things!

  49. AMy Beckett

    Becuase I have a hyper puppy that loves to chew things and step on things

  50. charlotte thornton

    Because I live up to being a typical blonde, dippy!!!

  51. Lee Dowling

    A nice cover will take of my ipad mini and cuddle it all day long 😀