Gifting Guide: Ask Her Friends

Sorry folks, I’m afraid it’s that time of the year when I start getting organised and planning some posts to help solve any Christmas shopping problems you may be facing. I’m kicking off by introducing you to a fab little website that was bought to my attention a couple of weeks ago…

Ask Her Friends

“An end to gifting disaster

Are you a girl who is bored of receiving the same “practical” or “interesting” gifts from the guy in your life? Do you wish he would be a little more imaginative or romantic? You aren’t alone with a massive 40%* of women claiming to have been disappointed with gifts last Christmas. This is where comes in, aiming to decrease this percentage and increase female happiness.

A brand new, online gift-giving experience that helps guys finally get it right with gifts for their special ladies, AskHerFriends uses social media to rally together those who know her best and turns them into his own personal team of advisers. It’s simple ?he signs up, chooses from a wide variety of gifts and experiences on offer and puts them onto his Advice List, which is then sent via e-mail or Facebook to her friends. They can then rate and comment on his choices, thereby deciding which of them she will love the most. He has the confidence that she’ll love what he has chosen and she’s delighted with her new gift.

Specialising in beautiful, unique products from cool boutiques such as Coulson Macleod, Tatty Devine and Milli Millu, AskHerFriends ensures that she gets something truly special but it’s more than just another online shopping service. AskHerFriends also helps spark inspiration with the Experts’ Blog, featuring ideas and tips on gift-buying as well as stories about the best and worst presents ever received! Even if he’s completely clueless, the Idea Map can guide his thoughts in the right direction.

AskHerFriends is the creation of founder Ben Blomerley, who set up the site after far too many gift disasters. He says: “I started asking my girlfriend’s mum and friends for their advice, and they were really helpful. Then speaking to my mates I came to realise that I wasn’t the only one getting it wrong in the gifting department. So I decided to bring all that together with, and make the whole gifting process as easy and hassle-free for blokes as possible. Because when you do surprise your partner with the perfect gift, it’s the best feeling!” An AskHerFriends app and sister site, AskHisFriends are also in construction.

*Survey of 139 female website visitors conducted between 11 January 2012 and 20 January 2012″

With the fast impending festive season and a couple of special Birthdays on the horizon I’ve been having a play around with the site and well, it’s pretty damn great! You can really personalise the search to your exact limits and the gifts it comes up with cater for all tastes and budgets. I usually enjoy searching for the ultimate unique gift myself but sometimes you need a helping hand and I have Ask Her Friends at the top of my favourites tab for a quick bit of advice and inspiration.

Have you tried the site yet? I’d love to know what you think and how you over-come shoppers block.


3 comments for “Gifting Guide: Ask Her Friends

  1. aww this website looks wicked, I will definitely check it out!

    XO Amie

  2. Omg amazing idea! My BF is pretty good at gifting but I can see this working for those who aren’t so fortunate!

    J x

  3. Oh I am pretty simple – just tell Mr what I want and then I get it. No websites involved. 🙂