Girl in Black

Another set of photos taken by Ben; these are from last Friday and show what I wore for work in the morning and then on to a hospital appointment (verdict- my back is fixed!) and onwards in to town for some dinner and to watch a football match in Walkabout. I won’t lie, I’m super struggling with how my body is looking right now and these photos aren’t sitting easy with me, but I refuse to give up on blogging outfit photos just because I don’t especially like what I see.
Dress: c/o ASOS | Tights: I honestly can’t remember! | Boots: Tamaris via Sarenza
The lovely people at ASOS sent me this dress along with a few other goodies from their Tall range. Designed for people 5ft9 (my height) and above this range is perfectly proportioned, so no more exposing knickers or waistlines sitting in odd places. This dress is a beauty, I got so many compliements when I wore it. The neckline is perfect, and doesn’t gape, the waist sits where it should and the length makes it a perfect addition to my workwear staples. I accessorised with a rose gold necklace from Lola & Grace, I can’t get enough of their jewellery and I’m slowly building up quite a collection
I haven’t worn this boots much and I’m not really sure why other than they are suede and the weather has been so wet. I love the gold detailing on them and the fact I can be on my feet all day and not get a single blister or foot ache. Expect to see a lot more of these from now on!
I can’t wait to show off more pieces from the ASOS tall range, I have two more to style up so I’m quite certain they will be on the blog soon. I’m a bit behind in getting outfit photos so sorry for the lack of outfit posts but being back at work and the inclement weather mean it’s not as easy as it was before!
Tall girls, which stores do it best? From what I’ve tried and for the sheer amount available right now I’m saying good old Asos!


19 comments for “Girl in Black

  1. Claire

    Laura, you look amazing here. I know you’re finding it hard – keep it up. This is worth it.

  2. You look gorgeous here Laura, keep smiling 🙂
    Did I tell you how much i love your new hair? x

  3. Rebecca Young

    You really do look fine – I am so pleased that you had good news about your back.

    I love your dress – ideal for work – and honestly you do look great in it!


  4. Char

    This is a cute look, you look beautiful! x

  5. Liz

    I know you probably won’t believe this, but you look great! Love the dress! Xx

  6. Rach

    Love that dress! Neckline is gorgeous, now to try and find it for short people!

  7. I think you look lovely, but I know it is how you feel about yourself is what matters.
    I have been feeling so unattractive recently, I don’t know why – but you just have to take what people say on board and remember what a lovely person you are.
    Love the dress by the way 🙂

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  8. You look gorgeous as everyone else has already said and this dress seems to be THE perfect style on you. I adore the neckline! x

  9. You look great, lovely. And this dress is so cute! I love sweetheart necklines 🙂 x

  10. You look stunning! And that’s fabulous news about your back xxx

  11. The black dress looks amazing with your hair! Can’t wait to see how you style the other pieces.

  12. You look stunning Laura, that dress has a really pretty neckline. Really pleased to hear your back is fully healed.

    X x

  13. The sweetheart neckline is gorgeous and very flattering! I love ASOS dresses and own more than a few myself! X

  14. Laura you are absolutley stunning and forever will be <3
    I love the sweetheart neck line

  15. Sorry to hear you’re struggling with your appearance, but I have to say you look absolutely amazing! You look healthy and gorgeous, and this dress is perfect on you. The neckline is gorgeous, I didn’t even know ASOS did a tall range – off to check it out right now! I’m about the same height as you and forever struggling with the length of things. I haven’t really found any store where I’ve felt the need to applaud their tall range, but then I don’t often think to check for a tall range at all! xxx

  16. What a pretty dress!!! How nice they sent it to you. I can imagine it looking really nice with hot pink tights and belt x

  17. You look lovely and this dress really suits you. 🙂

  18. Lucy

    You look simply stunning. These early days are really tough, but stick with it, it’s do worth it, I promise xxx