Giveaway with Lush T Shirts

Allow me to introduce the latest advertiser on my blog- Lush T Shirts, seller of a treasure trove of slogan tees and vests there is bound to be something for everyone’s taste.


I was kindly sent this Mean Girls inspired “You Can’t Sit With Us” tee, which you’ll see styled up on the blog very soon. It’s awesome, an excellent quality tee with a classic quote from one of THE best girl’s movies ever.
As well as being ultra generous by sending me this, Lush T Shirts are also giving one of my blog readers the chance to win TWO tees of their choice…and I’m making it super easy for you to enter.
All you need to do is visit the website then come back to this post and leave a comment telling me which two t-shirts you would choose. There’s a huge selection including vest in the Men’s section (I’d love to see some fitted women’s ones on there for summer) so I’m pretty sure you’ll all find something!
The giveaway will run for two weeks, closing on Sunday 23rd March at 6pm. Entry open to all UK readers or those with a UK address, when you leave your blog comment please make sure you also leave a way for me to get hold of you (it’s amazing how many people forget to do this!)
Happy Choosing!


86 comments for “Giveaway with Lush T Shirts

  1. Tracy Nixon

    Great giveaway thank you! I love the Drama Queen and Twerk It Womens T-Shirts!

  2. janet humphrey

    I would choose the c:dos and the to arr pirate ones love em!

  3. love the selfie t shirt and also made in the eightys t shirt. thanks fingers crossed.

  4. Laura Smales

    It would have to be the ‘I’m not insane my mother had me tested’ and the ‘THAT SH!T CRAY’ Paris tshirts 🙂

  5. Francesca Tuck

    Frankie Says Relax and Celfie for me.

  6. Brad Start

    An easy choice for me, it would have to be”What Would Scooby Do?” & “To Arr is Pirate”

  7. Emily

    I like the ‘I Love You This Much’ and the ‘I Love (Heart) My Boyfriend’ ladies tops 🙂

  8. Sue Broad

    Have to say they are all really good

  9. Lorraine Tinsley

    Men’s You can’t scare me I have two daughters and Woman’s Tash On 🙂

  10. aj

    What would Scooby do?
    Scarcasum is just another service I offee

  11. Born to shop and 99 problems. Thank you

  12. Cute idea! Would definitely look cute with some denim skinnies or tucked into a skirt. Ah so ready for Summer now – loving the Spring weather today!

  13. karen delaney

    I love the Geordie Aye test t-shirt and the Tuxedo T-shirt
    think they are great.

  14. Rob Etchells

    I love:

    Ah, the element of surprise


    This is not a drill

    Thank you

  15. cassie walsworth

    I love the you can’t sit with us, loveee mean girls and the a * student, if I wear the yshirt maybe it will happen x

  16. Antonia Faulkner

    I would choose: – Because who didn’t love Kenan and Kel?! – Because I can take more selfies whilst wearing this fabulous tee

  17. Carla Hollands

    You can’t sit with us t-shirt and celfie t-shirt

  18. I looked through all of these great tshirts and love them all but my favourite would have to be the irish all star drinking team and ah the element of suprise.fab fab fab

  19. Rachel Craig

    British Summer Time and Tuxedo T- shirts.

  20. Sarah Wyatt

    “I recycle boys” and “Keep Calm and Don’t Punch Horses”

  21. Jo Jones

    When God Made Me He Was Just Showing Off
    What A Difference A Dave Makes Men’s T-Shirt

  22. monika s

    I Love You This Much Ladies Top
    Thank God I’m An Atheist Ladies Top

  23. Helen Grayson

    Ladies “Last clean tshirt”

    and Men’s “this is not a drill!”

  24. Zoe G

    I like the ‘I love you this much’ one and the ‘I love my hubby’ one

  25. janet robertson

    I like the ladies I love heart my husband & the mens Tea Boy

  26. Rey Chunara

    I like the Twerk It and Free Hugs T shirts

  27. I would have to go for the:

    I Love you this much and British summer time.

    X x

  28. olivia kirby

    Loser and Geek

  29. Angie Hoggett

    Thanks for the comp, I’d choose the following….
    1. Free Hugs
    2. British Summer Time

  30. Vicky

    Just lost my maiden name of Lush so would love to win some Lush T’s! I would pick “Ah – the element of surprise” and “to arr is pirate”

  31. Louise M

    To Arr Is Pirate and What would Scooby Do 😀

  32. Angela Kelly

    Thank God I’m an Atheist ladies top and What Would Scooby Do

  33. Laura Pritchard

    The Geek Varsity Style Women’s T-Shirt & You Can’t Sit With Us Women’s T-Shirt

  34. Tom Baines

    hahahq Frankie says relax and made in the 80’s, fab shirts male M

  35. Rebecca Jackson-Makin

    I like the Talk Nerdy to me T shirt and the Bitch Please T shirt!

  36. Solange

    Frankie Says Relax and Free Hugs

  37. Heather Jenkinson

    It would have to be To Arr Is Pirate and You Can’t Sit With Us. Fantastic! 🙂

  38. Helen Wilson

    Hehe i love the ‘work hard people on the dole depend on you’ and the ‘I am Spartacus’ t-shirts. Very funny

  39. Amy Walthall

    Love the Selfie and the Thank god I’m an atheist ones 🙂

  40. Kristy Brown

    I would choose What Would Scooby Do and Parental Advisory

  41. Sarah Mills

    I Love You This Much Ladies Top & Game Over Women’s Top

  42. tracy kenny


  43. sj wesley

    I love the Arr Pirate and Twerk It ones 🙂

  44. sairz eastham

    I’d have the ‘I woke up like this’ and the ‘value halloween costume’ for OH 🙂

  45. Gilla01

    Love the SELFIE. I’d have one for me and one for my daughter.

  46. Kelly Ellen Hirst

    I’d go with the ‘last clean tshirt’ tshirt & the ‘twerk’ tshirt

  47. Anne Woodthorpe

    I recycle boys tshirt!

  48. Elizabeth Duncan

    I would choose rock paper scissors lizard spock and AD/HD tees. Great selection of tees , so hard to choose!

  49. Penny Hannibal

    I would choose: I was cool before uncool was cool & Thank God I’m an atheist

  50. Penny Hannibal

    Sorry typo on previous comment! First shirt should say, I was uncool before uncool was cool. ( how uncool of me to make such a mistake)

  51. helen newton

    I love the ” I love Cake” because I actually really do love cake
    and the “Game Over ” as my boyfriend and kids love playing video games and would find this highly hilarious xxx 🙂 Great website

  52. iain maciver

    selfie t shirt and also made in the eightys t shirt

  53. Helen Garner

    Rock Chick and Bouncebackability

  54. Sue Johnson

    T shirt favourited
    I love you this much
    I woke up like this