Glamorous in Green

Skirt c/o Glamorous, Top, New Look

I’ve decided Green is my happy colour, so bright and cheery. I’m pretty obsessed with this skirt that the folks at Glamorous sent me, it’s so swishy and cool for the hot weather! If you hurry you can snap one up with free delivery and 20% off until the end of May with the code “Glamorous20”.

Glamorous are a brand that focus on trends, styled with elegance and have a collection to fit any personality. Inspired by high fashion, contemporary night culture and vintage, with fabrics sourced from across the globe, Glamorous will have a design to suit any mood or occasion. Glamorous are stocked in ASOS, Dorothy Perkins and House of Fraser among others.

The last photo on this post is where I spend most of my down time these days; my Grandad’s garden. It’s impossible not to laze on a deckchair and feel at peace…such a tranquil little place, and it’s proven to be very healing for us all.

Have you heard for Glamorous?

Where’s your little place of calm?


25 comments for “Glamorous in Green

  1. Your Glamorous skirt is a lovely shade of green. it toes look cool and comfortable as well. I love that big happy smile of yours in the second photo. The foliage looks healthy and I suspect it’s growing quickly as it is here. Enjoy the season. I’m glad you have a nice place of calm. Mine is hiding out in the house. (recluse).

  2. Such a lovely colour, I do love a bit of green.

    Calm for me is a long walk with a good view, a bit of water, a hill, lovely sunshine and good company.

    X x

  3. love this green colour on you. it looks floaty & perfect for the tropical weather. xxx

  4. I love the green colour with your hair.


  5. I love that skirt, and the colour really suits you. I’m calmest when I’m by the water or, failing that, in a garden.


  6. i too adore hanging out in the back garden, the birds singing away.
    The green maxi is stunning on you x

  7. cat

    As already said, green looks great on you with your hair colour. Just think, in Spain – me in purple and you in green! 🙂

    My garden is currently my happy and calm place… when I can get Pip to stop making silly noises!

  8. I love green! Really suits you 🙂


  9. You look gorgeous, the colour looks lovely on you!


  10. I love that shade of green with red hair, it just seems to pop!

  11. Love the skirt, it really suits you. Green is a happy colour for me too =)
    Your Grandad’s garden is beautiful

  12. I’ve not heard of the brand before but you are looking pretty pretty pretty 🙂 Green looks great on you! xo

  13. You look so elegant in this maxi, I just can’t pull them off like this! This Kelly green is a new fav shade of mine too.
    loved your post onnyour friends wedding, you looked beautiful and the little silhouette cameo pictures were a great idea!

  14. Love that skirt an the colour works so nice against your vibrant red hair – I have had loads of great tops from Glamorous, but never a skirt – but I’m trying to get into Maxi Skirts for summer.


    Fashion, Well Done

  15. You look great in green – really suits you!

  16. gorgeous!! i saw that top yesterday and almost bought it. might have to go back 🙂 looks stunning with that green skirt. got a lot of time for green. xx

  17. Another great site you’ve led me too – did you see all the pleated skirts? I had to stop myself from buying them all lol.

    I love that shade of green on you 🙂

  18. Gosh you hair colour is just stubbing! Ginger + green = perfect x

  19. Aww, you’re hair looks lovely in the sunshine. The colour really catches the light. x

  20. I keep seeing lots of things I want from Glamorous! The skirt looks lovely, the green colour is gorgeous!

    Caroline x
    Caroline’s Catwalk

  21. I was wearing my green maxi skirt the other day too! You look gorgeous and that garden looks lovely, so peaceful!

    Maria xxx

  22. I’m totally loving that shade of green at the moment too! You look lovely and Grandad’s garden looks a haven of tranquillity!

  23. That skirt is gorgeous, what a lovely colour! Hope all’s good with you xxx

  24. What a gorgeous garden! Perfect for spending time in this weather recently. Loving the green skirt too 🙂

  25. Lovely outfit, the skirt looks amazing on you x