Go For The Old

When it comes to vintage jewels I have never felt the need of looking at the cost. As a teenager I always found myself more drawn to beautiful lustrous pieces made up of rhinestones and pearls and I have always found myself awe of their age and beauty. As I grew up, I found myself more inclined towards exclusive and exquisite jewels of all shapes and sizes.

When it comes to buying online ensure you have a picture of what you are going to invest in. If the picture isn’t clear, ask for another picture but don’t settle for a blurry one because you have no inkling what you may pick in the bargain. Remember you are shelling precious pounds to make your jewellery collection look chic and fashionable so vigilance is key.

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Don’t expect your vintage jewellery to look fresh and new. It would hardly be vintage if it look brand new!. At the same time also ensure that it’s not worn out completely. Don’t invest in something that would need extensive (and expensive) repair. If you think that any erosion and metal underneath would not be visible to the naked eye you may want to take a gamble, but I advise otherwise.

Try befriending a vintage advisor because an expert’s advice is far superior to any reviews you may find online. Before you start trading in wholesale, get the hand and eye of the product to ensure that you know the difference between original and reproduced piece. Signed pieces from Trifari, Sphinx or Coro may be a good bet if you are a beginner. You may want to have quick view here to know what deals are on offer.

Clean antique pieces extremely carefully. Some already worn out pieces may suffer fatal damage if you just wash them with any jewellery cleaner. Don’t try to repair a piece without expert advice, it pays to get the repairs done from a professional. It is always better to emptier pockets than to lose a piece you love and have invested in.

You may think that you can have a vintage jewellery collection just by buying some pretty pieces, however we suggest that you invest your time in preserving and maintaining them as well. After all, these are pieces that have survived the test of time.

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  1. This is such a fab post Laura! I love the tips, thoughts and ideas shared for discovering and unearthing vintage gems. It’s a really interesting topic, not one often featured on blogs which makes it all the more worthwhile. The pieces featured here are just gorgeous too, those earrings? Swoon! 😉

    Sophie | soinspo xo