Golden Glow

Sorry for the really odd lighting in these photos- it was a super dull and gloomy day when I took them and we all know what that means! Anyway, the point of this post is to show off some fabulous jewellery I was sent by the lovely folks at Jon Richard who were one of the first companies I ever got to know as a blogger. They sent me an array of goodies from their mood collection to have a play around with and in this post I’m showing how I styled up the gold pieces that arrived.
Dress: Primark Tights: New Look | Boots: Georgia Rose at Sarenza | Jewellery: c/o Jon Richard
I don’t usually wear much gold jewellery, especially not the chunky type as I always think of it as more for evening wear. When I was presented with this necklace, a sparkly cuff (which I can’t find a link for) and a set of stacking rings I decided I was going to pair them with a day time outfit and try and break out of my jewellery stereotypes.
I picked this £5 Primark dress to offset the gold as I really like the look of grey/blue with gold tones. The cuff is on the large side for my wrists so I wore it a bit higher up the arm to keep it on and I think it looks kind of cool! The rings are actually too small for my sausage fingers but I wore one of them as a midi ring which again I think really worked and I’ve been wearing them that way ever since! The necklace is a really subtle statement piece and I loved how it worked against the dress- I’ll be wearing this for day time for sure!
I also have some silver pieces which I am yet to pair with anything, so watch this space for those posts. Sorry if this isn’t making an awful lot of sense, being back at work has pretty much wiped my brain this week!
How would you have worn these pieces?


8 comments for “Golden Glow

  1. Janine

    Ooh Laura I think this might be my favourite look of yours ever. You look stunning xxx

  2. Such pretty jewellery! I love the necklace, makes quite a statement without being too over the top for daytime xxx

  3. Ah, I never really go for chunky gold jewellery either, but these are so cute!

  4. I might try coloured tights this winter, maybe light blue I think!

  5. LOvely outfit Laura X

  6. Thats definitely my kind of jewellery, love it. Especially the ring.

    X x

  7. Love this outfit, the boots are gorgeous! xxx