green as grass

Green Maxi Skirt; Glamorous UK*, Butterfly Top New Look

This is post-work outfit Thursday when the weather was unbearably humid and I wanted something cool I could laze about in having spent the morning stifling in my polyester uniform (dealing with fainting patients left right and centre!)
I really do love the bright green of this skirt, although I remain a little unsure which colours work best with it; I’m still guilty of sticking to my black/brown/grey/navy old colours of choice.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend, yesterday would have been my Nan’s Birthday and we marked the day by scattering her ashes at her favourite seaside town; Sidmouth in Devon. The sun shone despite the forecast (I like to think she had something to do with that) and the day, spent with my Grandad and Best Friend turned out just wonderfully. Thank you to everyone who sent their well wishes, what could have been a sad and maudlin day turned it to something quite beautiful.

Happy Birthday Nanny, YOU were the real gift.


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  1. Oh Laura, what a beautiful place to scatter her ashes, and hopefully you will associate this beauty and memory with her and it will make it a little easier. Hope you are ok.
    You also look beautiful. What a lovely floaty, ladylike outfit.x

  2. Glad the day went well xxxx

  3. Aww bless you I’m glad it went well yesterday xx

  4. What a beautiful place, I can see why it was your grans favourite place. So glad it all went well.


    X x

  5. I’m so glad yesterday went well, it’s lovely that you’ll be able to visit such a beautiful place to remember your Nan.


  6. What a wonderful way to set her free. I have a feeling she had something to do with the weather as well.


  7. Vix

    What a beautiful place to scatter your Nan’s ashes, who could be sad surrounded by nature at it’s best! xxx

  8. Raz

    I’m glad that scattering the ashes turned out to be beautiful – these things can be really horrible but it seems like you are really strong and can see the positives.

    Your green skirt is really lovely!

  9. I am in love with that green skirt, perfect for hot days

  10. oh beautiful green skirt, come into my life!
    what a lovely place to scatter your nans ashes too.x

  11. What a beautiful thing to do for your Nana, I bet that was so special xxxx

  12. That sounds like a gorgeous way to remember her, so pleased it was a lovely day.

    And YOU look GORGEOUS! That green is so lovely on you! β™₯ Claire @ Jazzpad

  13. Glad the day went well, such a beautiful place!

    Love the skirt, have you thought about teaming it with metallics, gold or silver!

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

  14. It’s a lovely outfit πŸ™‚

    Glad the day went well, she must be so proud xx

  15. I love this colour green on you and your top is so cute. We live not far from Sidmouth, it’s a lovely place and I’m sure your Nan will be very happy there. It’s always sad to lose our loved ones but thank goodness for all the wonderful memories we have xx

  16. What a beautiful place <3 xx

    Love your skirt hunnie, you look beautiful xx

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  18. the green looks gorgeous on you. Sounds like a fitting tribute to your Nan indeed and what a beautiful place xx

  19. I love Sidmouth, such a lovely place. So glad the sun shone for you.

  20. What a beautiful place. That skirt looks amazing with your hair ! xx

  21. glad the day went well for you hun. Love that skirt x

  22. Your skirt is a beautiful colour, looks fab with your hair!
    I’m glad the day went well hunny, looks like a beautiful place. I think your Nan was definitely shining down on you xxx

  23. I’m really glad that the day went well, it sounds like it was a beautiful memory for your family.
    And I also love that skirt! Green is a gorgeous colour on you πŸ™‚ x

  24. Your hair is so beautiful! *_* I really like this look too – the skirt is such a brilliant shade of green :3

  25. You look lovely in green, such a wonderful thing you did for your Nan too, she is now forever in her favourite place

    Maria xxx

  26. beautiful outfit x

  27. Beautiful place to scatter her ashes. You look perfect in green x