half baked

Love baking but hate the hassle?  Enter Half Baked, a new and exciting concept in home baking; they make the mix, you make the cake!

“The Half-Baked Cake Co. uses only top-notch ingredients, including free-range eggs, proper patisserie flour and real butter. Simply pop the chilled cake mixture in the oven, wait for the evocative aroma of home baked cake to waft through the house, cool, then decorate with luscious icing supplied.  Serve with pride then sit back and enjoy all the glory and taste of a freshly baked cake – without having to scrub any tins or bowls!

The Half-Baked Cake Co. range comprises Scrumptious Chocolate, Lemon & Lime Drizzle, Coffee & Walnut and Farmhouse Apple.  Perfect for everyday tea or special celebrations, for treating the family or impressing friends, there is a delicious Half-Baked Cake for every occasion.

Scrumptious Chocolate Cake (600g, RRP £5.00)  – the ultimate comfort food and an all round favourite.  Simply top with the rich chocolate buttercream icing supplied – perfect for birthdays and celebrations.

Lemon & Lime Drizzle Cake (490g, RRP £5.00) – a classic drizzle cake, complete with scrumptious zesty zing icing.  Ideal for coffee mornings or a tea time treat.  

Coffee & Walnut Cake (595g, RRP £5.00) – the sublime combination of bold and exotic flavours. This cake mix comes with rich coffee buttercream and walnuts, to add a touch of finesse to your table.

Farmhouse Apple Cake
(485g, RRP £5.00) – a mixture of ripe fruit and subtle nutmeg, cloves and cassia spices give this cake a true taste of an English country kitchen. Serve with a pot of tea and good company.

The full Half-Baked Cake Co. range can be found in the chilled food aisle, by the chilled home baking range at selected Tesco Extra stores and Tesco.com from mid-July. 

Price wise, I think these are a pretty good deal; I easily spend that on baking ingredients only to make one cake and then not use the rest of it meaning lots of waste and added expense. The cakes look and sound amazing too…I’m dying to get my hands on the Farmhouse Apple one! 

What do you think to these? Clever shortcut or crafty cheat? I’m all for homebaking, but sometimes time constraints and general laziness prevail; these are perfect for a spur of the moment cake-fest or to make for the office for a birthday (and claim it all as your own, of course!) and it saves both on washing up AND having several bags of unusable flour hanging around.


5 comments for “half baked

  1. Very clever and I love the packaging. For me with baking, the fun is experimenting and changing ingredients to create my own cake though. So I probably wouldn’t ever use these (plus, I’m vegan so they wouldn’t be suitable). But I know a load of people who would really love this!

  2. This is so cool, who doesn’t love cake?!

  3. Both! It’s nice to have a quick alternative every once in a while, but I also find that they’re often packed with additives.

    They look pretty cool though! And Coffee & Walnut sounds pretty good to me:)


  4. I hardly ever bake except for making cornbread once in a blue moon (I’m lazy).
    If I got a hold of some of these ready to bake cakes that would change quickly!
    All of these cakes from Half Baked look scrumptious!
    I’m craving that Farmhouse Apple Cake right now as I sit here having my morning coffee.
    I doubt they’re available where I live (no Tesco Extra stores),
    but I’ll be on the lookout for them in the chilled food aisles where I shop anyway! Yummy!

  5. Such an awesome idea. Love that they have lots of different flavours too! xx