Have you Sold your Gold?

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So, times are still tough and Post-Christmas a lot of us are looking for ways to free up some extra funds.
There are the traditional routes such as ebay, and come Spring there will be car boot sales a-plenty…but who has explored other options such as selling gold?

It’s not something I’ve done personally, and actually I have no gold to sell, but it does seem like quite a good way of raising some extra funds if you have un-worn or un-loved jewellery laying around.

I’ve seen a lot in the news in recent months about gold selling, both good and bad as well as a surge of shops now offering cash for gold which has got me interested in the experiences of people I can relate to…

Have you sold your gold through a jewellers, or through websites designed for the purpose?

If you have, how did you get on? What was your experience like, good or bad?

If not, would you consider it?

Just thought I’d put a “thinking” post out there. I’m trying to explore new options for the blog with some fairly regular features, so I’d love your input!


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  1. I really advise against this unless you’re really in the know! Ollie is in the jewellery trade and people and constantly ripped off, especially when the price of gold rises. Some use dodgy scales so always weigh yours before you go, and always check the gold price. Never go to one of these gold shops or dodgy websites. Go to a reputable local jeweller!!

  2. I myself don’t own much gold, just a few rings etc but I was thinking about it randomly not that long ago and thinking about how much money you could get from melting down old gold necklaces and things. interesting thought.

  3. My aunt sold some gold last year and I think it is a good option. Because, if you have some gold pieces at home that you don’t like or are broken why not sell them? Mainly jewellery that was given to her and she didn’t like. She sold hers at some gold buyers station and I think the price was quite just. Also her thought to do it was: if I don’t like it, don’t wear it, will I save it at home till some burglars rob my house and steal it to sell the gold themselves? So I think with this objective it is a good thing.

  4. I like you don’t have any gold to sell, but I have heard lots about the subject too.
    It seems some companies try to rip you off, whilst others tend to give a fair price for the gold.
    I think it’s a really good idea if you have lots of broken/odd pieces of jewellery that are no use, because they may actually be worth a few pounds! xx

  5. I’ve never done it, and I doubt I’ll ever do it as I don’t own any gold!

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  7. I have not myself done it but my sister has and I think she had a positive experience, she needed a bit of extra cash and it does seem like a good way of getting rid of jewelery that you´re not too fond of but still don´t want to give away.

  8. I’m like you – don’t own any precious jewellery really just a couple of bits of silver.

    My Grandma was telling me she’d put a load of odd earrings etc in the charity shop the other day and I told her off saying she could have sold it but she reckoned what she had didn’t weigh enough to be worth it. Makes you wonder if the charity shops save up all the donations of oddments to exchange for cash themselves?

  9. I really like both of the new features. About the Asos outfit, is truly stunning! I love the colors, mixing textures, and of course, the shoes 🙂
    About selling gold, I’ve never done it, but it seems like is a “trend” this year! Everywhere there are shops only to buy used gold, at least in my town I remember at least 4… I don’t know yet how I feel about this, but I read Is a good investment, you just have to choose wisely the shop and look out for diferent offers..


  10. I’ve never done it, but it definately is a quick fix for some cashhh 🙂 x

  11. Like some people have said I think it’s important to really check out your options first. All those websites and cash for gold places will give you what your gold weighs as scrap metal, as opposed to what it’s worth as a piece of jewellery. So it’s always wiser to go to a reputable jeweller! x

  12. I did it once years and years ago because I lost one of my gold ear studs at school and there was no point keeping just one. It was only a tiny stud, I think I got like a tenner for it!

    I’d do it if I had unwanted jewellery but only somewhere I trusted. None of this “send it off in an envelope and we’ll give you money” malarkey on the telly!

    Bhav x

  13. I sold out an old gold necklace which an ex boyfriend brought me. I don’t think it was worth a lot but I got £20 for it. It may have been worth more though but I think if I sold anymore I would def look into it more!

  14. Hmmmmm may consider it.. I have a few broken gold bracelets…


  15. I haven’t personally done this but I’ve heard it’s nothing but a rip off. People are getting pitiful amounts of cash for jewellery that could be worth a lot of money.

  16. I have sold a few bits of gold, i think it is worth it if you have something totally battered and is no longer worth anything to you, but for things which are still in good condition take it to an independant jewellers 🙂

  17. I’ve sold lots! I don’t like gold and all the bits and pieces Jon and I have inherited have gleaned enough cash for a month in India last year and this years’ trip too.
    We’ve only ever used a reputable and long established in town, it offers a decent price per gramme and they insist on both official ID and taking your photo, too. Nothing dodgy. xxx

  18. i havent got that one, but I just amazone’d it and it looks pretty good – thankyou! And Im pretty much against this “cash for gold” things, ive heard alot about the postal services being scams, but taking gold into local pawn shops can be quite good, as long as you get a good price!


  19. Anonymous

    I took all of my unwanted gold to a jewelry store and got a lot of money for it. Quite surprising. It was a positive experience for sure.

  20. No way, had so many older family and friends who have been completely ripped off and have ended up losing gorgeous parts of their jewellery collections because they have forced them into it! It may just be a coincidence but i think people really need to be careful! Gold is the kind of thing that will eventually raise in price over time so now is not the time to sell stunning pieces 🙂
    Thanks for the comment 🙂 http://www.clashingtime.blogspot.com <3

  21. I haven’t and I wouldn’t. I’ve seen and heard too many bad things about those “cash for gold” places and I would always hope that anything gold and meaningful would be kept rather then getting money that isn’t anywhere near its true value.

    Mine you should people have some really good experience of it, i’m just rather weary of them.

  22. I’ve heard really bad things about those postal gold buying companies. Apparently some melt down your gold before you’ve even confirmed that you’ll accept the price you’re offering. Plus if your jewellery is nice it’ll get alot more at a jewellers or maybe a pawn shop.

  23. I actually did get to the point where I thought about it, but then realized I didnt’ have any gold worth selling. LOL! So sad…

    You have to be careful though because I’ve heard (at least here in the US) that there are a lot of shady gold-buying places and websites. I would thoroughly research a place before I did it…

  24. I love the new feature Laura! And I’ve never sold any gold jewellery, but like you, I don’t have any jewellery to sell. And Heidiseeker is one of my favourite websites for cute jewellery. xxx

  25. My sister did this recently, we went to a local jewellers she had an old broken chain, an odd earing a ring and she got 100.00 for them! Then my friend cleared out her drawers and took in some jewellery she’d had for ever, and her first wedding ring..she ended up with 300.00!! I wouldnt recommend those envelopes that come through your door. At least with a jewellers you get the choice of walking away if you don’t like the price they quote.

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  27. If you do decide to sell any gold jewelry it’s best to sell it on consignment through a reputable jeweler you know and can trust, and best if you have the original receipt from when it was purchased. Selling it other ways would probably only one tenth of what it would sell for new or insurance value. On consignment the jeweler generally sells it for just over half what it would cost new less commission. I thought about possibly selling one piece that is heavy and not very intricate. Unless it’s just scraps or broken jewelry it would be a shame to only get a penny-weight price. Even though the price of gold is high it’s hard to part with. I would not trust those by mail things.

    On an unrelated note, I doubt whether you have much time for it, or whether you have ever stopped by her blog but Roxxy Belle has struggled to overcome an eating disorder and I wondered if it might help if some friends stopped by to say hello.

    All my best to you, your mum and dad and your adorable cat.

  28. I’ve never done it myself but if I were to I think I would use a jewellers rather than these postal services/overly advertised ones. They seem a bit dodgy to me. x

  29. i think i’m skeptical enough when it comes to those “phone selling” websites, that i’d be too worried it woudl get lost in the post or something, plus i have heard a lot of bad things about some fo the companies, as mentioned above.
    not that i have anything gold to sell anyway!

  30. It has has some bad press recently, but I have to admit I didn’t take much notice (I have no gold to sell). I guess if you do your research first and are happy with thre deal you are offered then its a way to earn extra cash (and we caould all do with some of that).