Holiday Re-Cap Part 2

Apologies if you’re already bored of my holiday- I’m not!
I also apologise once again for the lack of words, some things are better said in pictures.
Chilling out at a beach bar

Pre-dinner drinks in our “home” town.

Amazing salad from Papa’s.

Bubblegum ice cream with sprinkles in a penguin cup. Amazing.

Fairly standard. I’m struggling to find somewhere I didn’t fall asleep!

Gorgeous Moroccan cafe/restaurant in Malaga.

Fish (squid) and chips, Spanish style.

Warm pastries and coffee for breakfast. Bliss.

We stayed one night in the poshest hotel in Malaga, this was part of our view.

And this was the other part. It may not look impressive but believe me, it was when you were there!

A rare shot of me swimming. Me swimming was rare!

One of our adventures. Post on that to follow.

Ellie and I were basically made up of diet coke by the end of the holiday.

View from a sun lounger in Torremolinos

Just about the only outfit shot I got!

I promise I am almost done with the holiday posts. I have just one more to share next week and it’s my favourite by far. I wish I could take you all there to experience it. 
Do you ever feel the same way about things you’ve seen and done? What would you most like to share?

12 comments for “Holiday Re-Cap Part 2

  1. I think photos are the best way to capture a holiday – I feel bad because I still haven’t sorted through my Italy snaps from last month!

  2. You look so relaxed and sun kissed, I’m very jealous. Also love that dress in the last photo!

  3. You look so relaxed and sun kissed, I’m very jealous. Also love that dress in the last photo!

  4. Lovely photos, I’m going to Spain in a few weeks, can’t wait! Love your maxi 🙂 xx

  5. those food snaps are making me so hungry!!
    Looks like a beautiful spot <3

    Claire x

  6. I love bubblegum ice cream!

  7. Aww it looks like you had the best time! Lovely photographs <3

    Jennie xo |

  8. You look amazing and I really want to dig into that bubblegum ice cream! But I think it looks delicious because of the penguin cup!


  9. Greats pics. So nice to see when it’s raining!

  10. Oh, you look so gorgeous and happy.


  11. Looks like a fantastic holiday. I would definitely love to visit Spain again soon. That maxi dress looks lovely on you!

  12. Thanks for another great holiday Laura! It was so lovely and prepared me so well for the onslaught of moving!