If Only Such a Place Existed

Today I am talking about my dream land…sadly right now it only exists in my dreams…A VILLAGE MADE OF BISCUITS!

Bought to you by the genius folk at Biscuit Village who kindly sent me a tin full of awesome biscuits to prove just how amazing they are!



TASTY….they didn’t last long!

A bit about Biscuit Village:

  • Biscuit Village is an online boutique biscuit bakery specialising in hand made royal iced biscuits
  • We operate from our 5 Star rated kitchen in West London
  • We are owned by a skilled artist and baker who is a former Young Designer of the year finalist
  • We cater to our customers by designing bespoke biscuits and bringing the customers ideas and vision into reality.
  • We offer a broad range of royal iced biscuits, all from high quality ingredients.
  • We only use Fair Trade Cocoa Powder
  • We only use free range organic eggs
  • We only use Organic UK honey
  • We cater for all occasions from birthdays to weddings
  • We’re not only famed for our designs. Our tasty biscuit bases and professional customer service has resulted in 100% satisfaction from our customers.

They really do cater for all, New Babies (well, not FOR the babies), girls night in, girls night out, Birthdays…basically any occasion you can think of!
How gorgeous are these dresses?

And the shoes

And I have a real soft spot for this little duck!

Prices start from £4.99 for a Biscuit Card (a.k.a. the only kind of card I ever want to receive from this day on)
and they promise next day delivery on orders placed before 1pm…which means there is still time to treat Dad for Fathers Day on Sunday!

Biscuit Village are kindly offering readers of adaisychaindream 15% off ALL orders for the next TWO YEARS when you use code ADCD23 at the checkout!

Are you tempted?

What would your dream village be made of?


34 comments for “If Only Such a Place Existed

  1. Oh my! The biscuits look amazing! I bet they’re delicious! My ideal village would e made out of meringue and would have a double cream pond with strawberry rain. TMI. Mmmmm.

  2. I have just started learning how to cook these kinds of biscuits at a cooking course, so im going to try making something similar to these wonder designs, got 3 days off work so i can finally get out of london and got make biscuit at my moms

  3. Ohh my! Best biscuits ever! I wouldn’t want to eat them though, they’re too pretty.

  4. Brilliant! Thanks for posting about this, just made an order for Father’s Day 🙂 x

  5. These look amazing! May have to get Dad some! Thanks

  6. Oh, they’re too sweet to eat!


  7. Mmm, they look too good to eat!

  8. Oh wow, these are absolutely amazing! It’s my neices birthday in a few weeks so I may have to get one of those cards and a cheeky treat for myself. How kind to offer a 15% discount code for two years too!

  9. They look so good! I need to get my Mum some of the tennis biscuits ready for Wimbledon!
    Beth @ Wildflower Verge

  10. OH my, these are so cute! + look delicious!xx

  11. OMG! they look amazing!! I really need to start making biscuits like this! I got loads of adorable new cookie cutters when I was in America but haven’t got around to using them yet! Think you’ve just sorted my weekend plans for me! x

  12. Kim

    Wow, these are so cute! xxx

  13. adorable! my sister got wedding biscuits as a wedding gift and they were one of the best gifts she got because they were so pretty (and yummy!)

  14. oh wow! they’re so beautiful and creative! i could see why they would make such adorable gifts!

  15. Kat

    Oh my word, these look delicious! A village made from biscuits. That’s the dream right there.


  16. Yum Yum Yum! I am now imagining what it would be like to live in a biscuit village 🙂

  17. Oooo, yummy. I’m a huge biscuit fan and these look delicious.

  18. ahhh those look so good!

  19. Those biscuits are so cute!!! My ideal village would be made of chocolate. Everything is chocolate.

  20. These look amazing 🙂

  21. They look amazing and I would really consider buying them as a gift although I wouldn’t really want to eat them myself- don’t really like icing or the type of biscuit that has icing on it!

  22. Aww they are so cute and yummy looking – especially that duck x

  23. Jo

    I would love to live in a biscuit village too, a Fox’s biscuit village in particular. I have to work so hard to curb my biscuit habit!

  24. Wow, those biscuits are gorgeous! And they look yummy…lucky you 🙂 x

  25. Shoe biscuits!!

    God, I would be the village nuisance if I lived in Biscuitville – I’d be constantly eating everyone’s houses!

  26. Those biscuits are the most amazing creations ever! They look so yummy and pretty.

  27. Oh, these look amazing!

  28. This is amazing! You have totally made my day – the offer lasts for two years!? I am sure that someone I know will need a delivery from the biscuit factory in the next two years (or more likely I will need them). My dream village would have rivers of chocolate milkshake that I would float around on on a lilo with a huge straw xxx

  29. They look so cute and oh so yummy!

    X x

  30. Lil

    This is BRILLIANT. Xx

  31. i AM tempted, esp. with a 15% discount :O)
    i am loving the little duck, it so cute.
    I think my dream village would be made out of olives – strange i know but i just can’t seem to eat enough of them at the moment.. its a phase. ask me again another day… :O)

  32. These look so cute. Love the shoes, especially x

  33. A village. Of biscuits. Enough. Said.