I’m no Brat

I remember when I first found out about Brat & Suzie (probably via one blog or another) and instantly becoming smitted with their cute and quirky tees.
Fast forward a few years and I was contacted asking if I wanted a preview of their S/S12 collection…of course I said yes!
I was sent two cropped vests; a dipped hem one featuring this awesome cat in glasses (I think it’s a cat, anyway) and the amazing squirrel one (yep, still squirrel obsessed)

Cropped tops in any form are usually way out of my parameters and an instant no go, but determined to embrace the “feel the fear and do it anyway” approach I had a go at putting together an outfit with the squirrel top…

I teamed it with my faithful Zara denim skirt, that is highwaisted enough to not make me feel all that exposed. You can’t see in the photos but the tights are subtle polka-dots and the loafers are from Kate Kanzier.

I’m still pondering how to wear the second vest; perhaps with my Leopard print jeans? Suggestions are welcome…

Are you a Brat & Suzie fan?
What’s your take on cropped tops?


32 comments for “I’m no Brat

  1. need to check this out, loving the squirrel top, so cute! xxx

  2. Sweetest top ever, looks fantastic on you.

  3. Angela

    Great top, outfit looks really good on you!

    I’m uncomfortable wondering around with a bereft middle, so I’d team it with a longer singlet and go for the ‘layered’ look. Really love those squirrels! x

  4. Vix

    How cute are those illustrations? I love a cropped top with a high waisted skirt or trousers, much more flattering than tucking something in. x

  5. loving that cute top. You could always layer crop tops over other tops or dresses.

  6. Squirrel! Makes me think of Up. x

  7. Squirrels!? I do love animal related clothing and accessories! So cute! I want some unique tees! x

  8. I used to love them, but 2 kids have currently put paid to my much missed flat stomach so I guess I’d wear a vest underneath.

    It’s a cute design, but I’d also be worried about quite how much of my (fairly substantial) boobs would be on display due to the size of the arm holes too!

  9. I always tend to layer them up, but I do love the way you’ve teamed it with the denim skirt. And the squirrel print is fab of course xxx

  10. A cat wearing glasses? perfect. And the squirrels, yes! lovely look x

  11. These t shirts are so cute!! xx

  12. Crop tops are not for me, podge and scars make them a no go. Which is a shame because ive seen.stunning ones and fallen in love :(. You are rocking it though! Love the squirrels πŸ™‚

  13. I love the skirt on you, so elegant

  14. This top is adorable! Just been on their shop and I’m pretty sure I love everything, now all I need is some money! x

  15. Very cute top! I think a high waist paired with a cropped top is always the best way to help with to much exposure, beautifully paired here!

  16. Love the cat illustration!

  17. Anonymous

    Most NORMAL people WOULD wear a top under the vest. You say you only do this for yourself, your outfits and blog. What I see is somebody trying extremely hard for attention all your outfits lately have been about thinspiration.

  18. I wish I could get away with crop tops, cause if I could this would be top of my list!

  19. I really like crop tops but not sure I can wear them…you can tho! I think the other one will be great with leopard trousers and your studded Buffalo boots πŸ™‚ x

  20. Awww! I love the animal designs on these tops. Very cute.

    I would wear them layered over a longer top. Gotta keep the old tummy warm?!!! πŸ˜€ xx

  21. Mat

    that’s pretty fun, large print! ah yes, you won, ace!

  22. The squirrel top looks so cute! X

  23. Never heard of this brand before. Will definitely check it out! I love the squirrel one πŸ™‚ I want it!

    I am now following you πŸ™‚


  24. The second vest? Jeans (skinny) and a blazer – a combo that never fails! x

  25. Love the cat/fox thing in glasses! Would look fab with leopard print x

  26. these tops are so cute, I adore the little squirrel one! I love crop tops, I always pop a longer vest underneath them to make myself feel more comfortable πŸ™‚
    <3 Holz oxo

  27. I’d never heard of them before but that outfit looks wicked and I love the monochrome print : )

  28. They’re cute! I’d consider buying the cat top! It reminds me of this lovely Entarsia jumper in Joy that’s currently sold out!

  29. The cat with Glasses… OMG I need a cat with glasses in my life.

  30. The cat with Glasses… OMG I need a cat with glasses in my life.

  31. Love the squirrels and of course the cat with glasses!!

    The cropped top looks amazing on you x