In Brief

This weekend….

Wearing; FLORALS because I am a walking Spring cliche




Jon Richard ring available here!

Sunshine; The weather has bought out the best in me, I am definitely a S.A.D. person. The emergence of Spring, warmer days and bright, beautiful sunshine has turned me in to a chirpier, more confident version of me.
I celebrated by purchasing these oh so adorable sweets!


Thanking; Witch skincare for coming up with this primer! My saviour!


Geeking; Geeking out over new drug rep pens at work (Becca, if your reading this…the obsession continues!) and these ones are PINK! I will forever be envious of my Mum’s leopard print one.


Hi, my name is Laura and I hoard pens.

Wanting; SO MUCH! It’s always the week before pay day that I find infinite things I want and need in my life, only to have lost interest or not be able to find them when the time arrives! Currently top of my list is this dress from River Island


I have new found love for this shade of blue!

How about you?

43 comments for “In Brief

  1. LOVE both of those dresses you are wearing Laura! And those sweets are the cutest ^^

  2. that primer sounds ace! i might have to test it out when my current primer runs out.

  3. i just bought a non-shine primer from boots, fingers crossed it makes a difference! Loving your floral dresses πŸ™‚

  4. Love, love, love that second dress so pretty and perfect for spring and how cute are the Little Miss Sunshine lollies πŸ™‚

  5. what a lovely, happy post πŸ™‚
    I am glad you are feeling good- and love your florals & that dress from RI, so cute!
    have a lovely day, xoxo

  6. Got to love spring florals, have you been in h&m recently? There’s loads in there atm

  7. That ring is amazing!
    Love the dresses xx

  8. I’m exactly the same as you when it comes to sunshine- it seems to melt away my evil-witch face and on pops a dorothy-smile [check ME with the metaphors :P]
    But the fact that i have not tried these sweets before saddens me. *Points* “to tesco!” x

  9. Your so beautiful and I will forever be envious of your legs (that seem to go on forever!). Yay for florals and yay for the clocks that went back last night which means BRITISH SUMMERTIME AT LASSSSSSSST (rambling now)

    Love to you and your mr men sweets!


  10. I have the leopard print pens!

  11. Love your floral dresses!!
    You’ve just made me want that dress too, almost as much as I want that Little Miss Sunshine sweets. *craves*

  12. I love the dress, oh how I love spring! The River Island dress is a beaut I def think you should treat yourself on payday!

  13. You look wonderful in your florals, so pretty and fresh. Those sweets are cute. x

  14. So pretty! I’m a SAD person too, I was so happy last week and now I can’t even be bothered to get dressed. xxx

  15. cliches are good when they are this pretty! Love the second dress honey
    how are you?

  16. I love the grey tights with the floral dress!

  17. Those sweets are probably the cutest sweets I have ever seen!

  18. Mmm… Cornflower blue. So spring-y! x

  19. wish i could say the same about it feeling like spring! i’m still wearing layers and dodging flurries of snow! my skincare love are juice beauty products in green apple. they making my maturing skin (i’m 28) look radiant! p.s. i love your first floral dress! adorable πŸ™‚

  20. OH MY, LAURA! That second dress is gorgeus! I mean, you look really cute in both dresses, but the second one is a fairy-dress! Fabulous!

    PS: Yes, I’m alive, hahaha!

  21. That blue dress would look amazing on you! πŸ™‚ x

  22. Hi Sweetie!

    you won my giveaway! i’ve dropped you an email! congrats x

    Missy x

  23. Both dresses are so beautiful, I love florals in springtime xx

  24. I think that I have SAD. I love the sun and feel instantly happier. That said I adore Christmas too, but not winter!

    I can understand you lusting after that dress it’s stunning.

    X x

  25. adorable dresses! x

  26. Loving the spring floral dresses. xx

  27. beautiful!!! you look marvelous and so springy

  28. !! i’m going to check out that ring! I love stacking rings and double rings etc. Also, I’m jealous that you guys get Mister/MIss candies! I want some!
    You look lovely btw!

  29. I get SAD too… yay for clocks going forward!!!

    And I love the white midi dress


  30. Love the R.I dress (and of course the enchanting floral dresses you model at the start, particularly the white one!)- I just bought tights that colour today- it’s the colour of summer skies plus pretty lace detailing makes it a winner!

    I mirror your excitement over Drug-reps. Many years ago, I temped at a Hospital in the education centre where the GPs had their meeting to which came the drug reps (they sponsored it and provided food also!)- pens, rubbers, rulers and my personal favourite- a cuddly shark!

  31. You look as though you’re feeling better πŸ™‚ Saw those Little Miss Sunshine sweets the other day but plumped for Mini Eggs instead – can’t get enough!

  32. Wish I could pull of clothes like you do! Just beautiful.

    I love that shade of blue too!

  33. Yayy for spring florals! The second dress is my fave, it’s so swooshy and pretty πŸ™‚

    β™₯ Leia

  34. Florals and spring are perfect together. I love both your dresses, especially the second one.

  35. oooooh. love that blue dress so much. hope you are doing well, pretty lady.

  36. Both outfits are ace but that second dress is extra specially lovely!

  37. sounds like a great weekend!! And I love the outfits πŸ™‚

  38. Lurrrve that maxi. and hello river island, they’ve really gone up in my estimations lately. X

  39. two very lovely dresses! and those sweets are very cheerful, i was given some the other day, but havne’t tried them yet.

  40. Those floral dressings are so pretty (envious!), the zara ones looks amazing perfect for swishing about in!

  41. I love the longer dress, it’s SO gorgeous. x