Insanity is how I’d describe this week. It is so busy and chaotic in all directions but fingers crossed by next week normal, semi-calm service will be resumed.

I came home from work yesterday at a point of mental exhaustion where all I could think of to do was cry.
I didn’t cry. Nope. I was greeted with a box, containing this, from my darling friends at London Wishes

BALLOONS! (A sure fire way to win my heart), a beautiful and touching handwritten card and a gift certificate to name my own rose.


Thank you girls, I wasn’t expecting that at all.

Outfit wise I went for a now ancient (in terms of most things in my wardrobe) dress. The temperatures at work in no way correlate with what the weather outside is doing so dressing for the office can be a bit of a nightmare, hence I find myself wearing the same things over and over.



And I still can’t get the hang on the shoulders on the dress!
(Yes, I know, it’s short. I can’t help that unless I chop a few inches off each leg, or shops start bearing that not everyone wants to flash their arse at the world).

SO close to the weekend guys. SO close.


26 comments for “insanity

  1. i think shops are all after arses hanging out this summer – all the dresses i’ve seen recently have been crazy short.

    i love that dress on you tho! and i hope your week gets lesss insane. mine is about to get worse 🙁

  2. you are adorable !!!!!!!

  3. cuuute :)))

  4. I also rue shops and their ridiculouslyshort dresses! These are fab especially with the purple tights 🙂

  5. awh what a nice surprise after a chaotic week 🙂
    oh, and LOVE the outfit. i’m always too scared to try tights!

  6. Oh wow !!! You look fantastic !!

  7. Nice outfit, and lucky you with the balloons! Hope you’re having a good day.

  8. That dress is really pretty Laura and you look lovely as always. And that’s a really nice present to come home to after work. Hope you were feeling better after that! xxx

  9. Love this dress, looks really good on you! Totally agree though, shops need to start adding a little more length to their dress, I like my arse covered! xx

  10. This has got to be one of my fave outfits on you – you look stunning! Bless London Wishes and their balloons, hope it cheered you up BIG TIME! x

  11. I’m just not happy that shops are selling dresses that are all too short. I’m glad I’m not the only one complaining. You look so pretty in that dress with the cute shoes and you hair all done up 🙂

  12. Awww what a lovekly surprise to get! No wonder it cheered you up!
    Love the dress Laura, your pins look amazing! Very envious!

  13. oh, that is THE sweetest surprise to come home to, especially after a stressful day!

    ‘ancient’ or not, your outfit looks fab on you.

  14. You’re so lovely Laura and what a wonderful little surprise to come home to after a not so fun day!


  15. I feel your pain with dresses being far too short! It’s frustratingly annoying! At least you have lovely legs to show off though!

  16. being 6’1″ i totally get the short dress thing too. everything is just a top on me, I look like I’m flashing waaaay too much most of the time.

    i loooove your hair like this!

  17. I know the feeling, I’ve just started back at work and really didn’t realise how draining it would be! One day to go…

    Love that dress! x

  18. love the dress with the purple tights! And how cool to name your own rose x

  19. Who doesn’t love balloons?! Alway make you smile!

    Super dress.

    X x

  20. Kim

    Beautiful outfit! xxx

  21. You are way pretty girlie!

  22. I don’t know how you tall girls cope – I have to rule out so many dresses for extreme shortness and I’m only 5’2! The shops are all a bit ridiculous at the moment.

    You look cracking in that dress. LOVE the headband too – so, so pretty.

  23. How cute are the balloons! Love the dress too 🙂

  24. Oh my god! I love this dress!!! It looks so great on you. The print is gorgeous.

  25. The balloons look lovely, I really hope things calm down at work for you soon – sounds v v stressful!