Introducing- Sara Hartley

Last week the postman bought me a surprise in the form of this beautifully delicate bracelet from jewellery designer Sara Hartley.
I’ll admit I’d not heard of Sara before but after seeing and wearing this gorgeous creation I was eager to find out more and demanded more information.
Sara studied at Sir John Cass, the leading jewellery university.  She graduated in  1996 and has been creating many very successful ranges of jewellery ever since from her central London studio.  Her most notable commission was worn by Halle Berry in the James Bond production, Die Another Day.  For as long as she can remember, Sara has had a love of making things – the smaller the better as she used to tell her 
mum as a child.  Luckily for her, she has turned her passion into her career.
The bracelet I was sent came from her latest collection, aptly named “tinies”
The inspiration came from her two children – she wanted to have a piece of jewellery that would capturetheir character to remind her of them. She wanted the collection to appeal to a wide audience that would like 
something personal, elegant, timeless and unique. For Sara it was her children, but whether it be your child,  friend, brother, sister, boyfriend, husband, an animal – the list could go on – she has designed a collection that is personal and tactile with the ability to spark a memory or feeling.
You can choose and design your on personal piece of jewellery, combining the different characters – a boy 
or girl, child or adult or animal – each with a different personality meaning something to you. Some pieces 
have been set with small stones, diamonds, rubies and sapphires. The collection works beautifully with 
every day wear or an evening outfit.
The collection consists of bracelets, bangles and necklaces and prices start around the £70 mark. Her website (a work of art in itself) hosts the entire tinies collection alongside her amazing 18ct gold and platinum collection- unobtainable for many but worth a drool over!
With Christmas not far around the corner, alongside all manner of other special occasions I place Sara and her designs high up there on my places to check out when seeking the perfect, memorable gift. I’ll also be adding a few other pieces to my own personal wish list.
Take a look and let me know what your own tiny would look like.

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  1. SJP

    Aww, that’s so pretty! I feel like I hardly wear jewellery anymore so I need to invest in some!

  2. that is so cute and pretty <3 x


  3. This is SUCH a gorgeous bracelet 🙂 you’re so lucky! I’m definitely going to check out the website 🙂
    Keep in touch!

  4. That little necklace is so pretty and dainty!

  5. Oooh that’s so pretty and dainty, I love it.

  6. That bracelet with the dove charm from Sara Hartley is beautiful! I did take a look at her site. Her collection is well worth several drools over!