Keeping Safe on the Roads this Winter*

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With the recent cold snap and icy road conditions there has been a marked increase in the number of accidents being reported on the roads. Obviously road safety is paramount in all seasons but it pays to take extra care in the winter months and today I’m sharing some easy ways that you can make sure you stay safe on the roads when the conditions are less than ideal.
Cold weather can cause all sorts of damage your car- from the tyre pressure through to fuel economy, and as cold weather thickens fluids it’s vital to check the levels of things like oil, antifreeze and brake fluids. It also pays to get your brakes looked at, if you’re in Scotland you can book your car brakes fitting service in Stirling at Fife Autocentre website and a quick google will tell you where you can book in for other parts of the country.

The colder months can also impact your car’s battery and it’s performance. With increased use of headlights and heating it is 100% worth booking in for a battery check before the next cold snap to help prevent unexpected breakdowns- who wants to be stuck at the side of a road when they could be wrapped up warm indoors?

If you’ve got a long trip planned then keep a close eye on the weather reports for that day and plan accordingly. If extreme, or adverse conditions are predicted then it is worth considering whether you can set off a day or so either side.

Visibility is another potential hazard at this time of year. Ensure your windscreen is clear of snow and ice before setting off and make sure all of your lights are in full working order to ensure other road users can see you. A dead bulb is annoying for anyone at the best of times, but in winter weather conditions it’s downright dangerous.

Keep an eye on your speed in icy conditions or heavy rain- this reduces your risk of skidding and minimises the risk not only to yourself, but to other road users. You should also carry a winter breakdown kit (torch, blanket, de-icer, basic food and drink) incase you do end up stranded- some extra warm clothes would also be a good idea.

Finally, if you know the weather is going to be against you but you can’t avoid your journey then allow extra time for making it- and remember not to pour boiling water on to your windscreen to de-ice it, it’s amazing how many people I’ve seen do that!


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