Lady in Red

I’m fussy when it comes to perfume and tend to have one or two signature scents I know I can rely on. Still, when Oriflame announced the launch of “My Red” by Demi Moore (I don’t think I’ve ever owned a celebrity fragrance before) I was intrigued as the description was quite simply, seductive as was the gorgeously bright, simply and yet somehow sexy bottle.

The perfume was created in collaboration with Demi Moore and renowned perfumer Vincent Schaller. 
Featuring a very special and rare variety of jasmine – red jasmine – My Red is a magnetising fragrance which invokes a notion of sensuality, Hollywood glamour and elegance.

Red jasmine is symbolic of the notions of attachment and sensuality. With its bold and confident scent, My Red is for women who dare to make a statement and who dream of being admired, irresistible and truly magnetising.

Renowned A-list actress, Demi Moore, is the face and inspiration for the exclusive My Red Eau de Parfum. Demi’s strength, talent and incomparable beauty fascinate men and women from all walks of life. With her beauty and talent casting a spell over audiences around the globe, she is a true femme fatale, making her the perfect inspiration for the exclusive My Red.

Prized for its simple beauty and sweet fragrance, women in different cultures have worn jasmine flowers in their hair for centuries, solidifying its reputation as the bloom of choice among modest, elegant and graceful women.

The red jasmine notes are floral, sophisticated and even more opulent than other jasmine varieties with more fruity, sensual and addictive facets, giving this fragrance a more contemporary and audacious signature.

When blending this rare ingredient with white flowers, cranberry and juicy granny smith apples, a beautiful, magnetic and opulent aroma is unveiled.

Both Jasmine and apples are some of my favourite scents so it was pretty much a sure bet I’d love this perfume, but you never can tell until you’ve worn it for a day or so which is exactly what I have been doing. In fact I’ve worn it non stop for the last week and at this rate I’ll be on my second bottle by Christmas.
It’s not too heavy so perfect for every day but it has enough weight to be more suited to the winter months than my usual light and floral fragrances.
Currently the perfume is available at a special price of £20.95 for a 50ml bottle, the normal RRP will be £30.95 from November 9th so now is a good time to snap this up (Christmas present anyone?)
To find your nearest supplier or to order online just visit the Oriflame website– I’ve become pretty obsessed!
What’s your favourite scent?
I was sent this perfume for review purposes.

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  1. I love perfume, in fact hubby says I am some what of a perfume tart! It’s said with love thankfully. 🙂

    X x

  2. Nice one. Can we follow each other? Love
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  3. That is truly gorgeous! xo Anything by Ghost is always a winner for me.

    Sophie <3 soinspo