little miista

Last week Miista threw a legendary “cheaper with a tweet” event and I was lucky enough to hit the jackpot, scoring the Batilda boots in black for a mere £6.60. I think fate was on my side that day as there was literally ONE pair left in my size.
Quite honestly I think these are the most beautiful boots I own and despite their height they are stupidly comfortable.

You might not score quite the bargain I did, but it is only fair to tell you Miista have a bit of a sale going on right now too!

For these photos I wore them with my much loved Motel Heidi dress (one of my most worn dresses I think!) and some super cheap and not so cheerful tights from Tesco. Outfits are a bit lazy this week as I’ve been doing phlebotomy shifts at work and just chucking what’s clean on when I change out of my uniform.

((Shout out to Miista for sending the shoes in a Mae size box, she is one happy kitty!))


18 comments for “little miista

  1. Wow! Those have some serious heels! And they’re even more awesome when I realize how cheap you got ’em. (:

  2. I love them! you are so lucky to pick them up that cheap too x

  3. £6.60!!! Damn girl, you are so lucky as I have been coveting these for a while, at the moment their price is just not an option, shame given they are in my size (rare when you are a size 3, as you fall in love with shoes & chances are they end at a 4). For now I will continue lusting & if I get a chance they are on my list! Just not for your fantastic little price.

    Fantastic outfit beauty – 1 week on Sunday!!!!! 😀 Excited much?! xxx

  4. Aw, Mae is so cute! Glad she got something out of it too haha:D

  5. Those boots! <3 And for £6.60?? I think I really need Twitter.

  6. Gorgeous boots! Love them!! And the mae size box was very thoughtful 🙂 xx

  7. Those are some kick arse boots!

  8. Oh my goddd, that’s ridiculously cheap. Love the boots! And love the picture of miss Mae enjoying their box haha xxx

  9. Blimey! You know how to work the Twitter machine – am impressed. Great boots xx

  10. So jealous of you getting them shoes never mind getting them so cheap! I’m so in love with Miista Andee shoes. One day…one day..

  11. Ooh those shoes are fab! I’ve never heard of miista before, will have to check them out! Xx

  12. Wow you were so lucky, I need to spend more time on Twitter! x

  13. OH MY GIDDY AUNT you look fantastic! Love this print on the dress and the boots are amazing!

    Maria xxx

  14. You look gorgeous, I love this dress! Cannot believe you got those shoes for that price, what a bargain! xxx

  15. Those are some fabulous boots.

  16. wow, that is unbelievably cheap!! jealous!!

    I love that dress, what size do you have it in? X