Mae (Kind of) reviews the latest Purrfectbox

“Never work with children or animals” the saying goes- and although I can’t speak for the children side of things I’ve never had a problem getting Mae to cooperate when it comes to getting photos of her for the blog. That is until last week when we set aside a morning to explore the latest Purrfectbox*. Despite getting really excited upon first spying the box and trying her hardest to get in to it, as soon as the camera came out my feline fiend went on strike and refused to anything remotely interesting or cute. That’s the thing with my Mae, she is very much her own cat and no amount of coaxing, bribery with treats or offers of human food will get her to do anything unless she wants to.
Eventually we managed to get together enough photos to construct this post and despite her reluctance to show any form of enthusiasm for the most part she really did love this box- the toys in particular which have been carried, chased and thrown all over the house often turning up in the most random of places.
We’ve been lucky enough to receive a few Purrfectboxes now and despite turning her nose up at most of the toys I buy for her somehow they always manage to pack in a selection that become her new favourite things ever. This month Mae was particularly taken with a little pirate creature (which happens to be my favourite too) as well as the selection of catnip filled mice which I keep finding strewn all over the house.

It’s not just toys that you get in Purrfect box though, there were a couple of bags of treats which were swiftly devoured- the cheese chicken cubes from Trixie went down especially well! The deodorising litter crystals were also a nice touch, Mae doesn’t have a litter tray but I used these when I lived in my flat with Tobias and they really do make a massive difference.

Chances are if you’ve read my blog for any length of time you’ll know a bit about Purrfectbox but just incase you don’t then For those that don’t yet know the Purrfect Box is a monthly subscription which costs £19.90 a month with options to subscribe for longer periods of time which will reduce the monthly cost slightly. The contents of the box are guaranteed to be worth at least £30 with 4-6 premium products inside so it’s a pretty sweet deal, especially as each box is catered to your feline’s needs and preferences. Let me know if you decide to treat your feline friend to a box- we’ve had a few of these boxes now and are yet to receive one that hasn’t been well worth the money and Mae has amassed a huge collection of favourite toys- most memorably a dolphin that we frequently find in the bath. At the moment you can also order a Christmas box for £29.90 which contains a massive 8 products and would make for the perfect gift for any well behaved pet (which I have to say Mae really isn’t, but I can’t resist spoiling her regardless!)


5 comments for “Mae (Kind of) reviews the latest Purrfectbox

  1. Emma

    That last photo is so so adorable! My cats loved the toys from their box too, way more than what I buy!

    Emma Xx

  2. She’s a little cow isn’t she! But a cute little cow!!

  3. She’s so cute! I love that she loves the toys so much <3

  4. This is such a cute idea!

    Haha, I love how in some of the pictures she’s looking at you like “What do you want woman?!”

  5. Ohhhh Mae looks so freaking cute in all of these photos! <3 xx