May’s Degustabox

I’ve really been enjoying doing this series of reviews on the monthly food subscription box Degustabox. I love not knowing what is going to turn up each month, and the variety of the contents requires thinking outside the box and trying new things. The May box less snack themed than some of the ones I have reviewed which means I am yet to try everything out, but I wanted to share my initial thoughts.
1. There was a definite Italian theme to the May box with pasta, passata and tomato puree as part of the contents. I’m not a big pasta eater and haven’t used this yet, but I am familiar with both brands (Cirio and Garofalo) and know they are quality products. I hope to make a bolognese bake recipe I’ve seen using these, I might share it if it’s a success!
2. The second photo shows the savoury contents of the box (and a fabulous cake release spray by Dr. Oetker which is just brilliant. I’ve used similar before but this one knocks the socks off of the competitors…HELLO hassle free baking!). The Finn Crisp crispbreads are the perfect vessel for houmus, although as a child I used to love these with just butter and a smidge of marmite. The packaging has given me a craving for smoked salmon and cream cheese so that will be my next combination. Yum! Sweet potato Kettle Chips are a crisp I’ll break my “I don’t like crisps” way of thinking for. With 50% less fat than standard fried vegetable crisps and a super tasty sweet chilli flavour these will be making their way in to my basket next time I’m in Waitrose despite the £2.49 price tag.
3. There was quite a selection of drinks in the May box, which I am yet to try with exception of the tea, which is heavenly. I do love a good fruit tea but it needs to taste like more than dirty water. This one is so not dirty water- super fruity blackcurrant enhanced by delicate elderflower. Another item I’ll be re-purchasing. The Ciders I’ll be passing on to Dad to drink as despite being from the West Country I’m not a fan of the stuff, same with the apple juice I think; as much as I am sure it’s gorgeous I just can’t bring myself to try it.
4. Last but not least we have the sweet stuff! The Elizabeth Shaw flutes were one of the first things I devoured- dark chocolate combined with crunchy cocoa nibs makes for a deliciously grown up treat which goes perfectly with an after-dinner (or breakfast, oops!) cup of coffee. The Raw energy gum is a genius invention which has aided me getting through the busiest week of the year so far. A far cry from my standard spearmint, this is full of flavour and really provides a bit of a kick!
So that’s my round up of the May box, which I believe is my last until I can afford to order some later in the year. If I’ve tempted you to try it then you can get the May box for £9.99, a £3.00 saving on the usual price when you use the code 651U1 at the checkout…let me know if you go for it and what you think!


3 comments for “May’s Degustabox

  1. We’re going to try a few of these when we move (as I’ll have control of food again! yay!)

    Two Hearts One Roof

  2. I really must get ’round to trying this. I always love your reviews of it.

  3. This box is an awesome idea; plus I like that there is a real mix of products to keep the selection interesting. The pasta and sauce sound so amazing! The dark chocolate sound even more so! <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo