My Very Favourite Dresses

I do a lot of shopping online – almost all of it in fact. One thing I’m addicted to is dresses. Every week I tell myself I need to give my debit card a rest, and my wardrobe a chance to sort itself out, but every week I end up seeing dress and before I know it, there it is, sitting in my virtual basket.

One of the places I love to shop at is Aside from selling a vast range of women’s fashion clothing, from the biggest brands you can think of, they also have a buy now pay later option that helps me spread the cost (and therefore the guilt!) when I indulge in my favourite hobby.

As I’m such a dress-aholic, people are always asking me which ones are my favourites, and that is such a hard question to answer that I decided to put it down on paper (well, a screen…).

You see, I love dresses in general. They allow me to be bold, brash or beautiful depending on my mood. They keep me covered for every possible social scenario – from weddings to parties. They allow me to express myself so that one moment I can be the sophisticated office woman, the next a sassy style fox, oozing glamour and feeling sexy.

When you search Very’s women’s dresses, you’ll find a wide range from the biggest brands (how do Diesel, Fever, French Connection and Lispy grab you?). And the chances are I’ll have at least one of each style hanging in my ever expanding wardrobe space (my boyfriend is finding himself more and more pushed into a single chest of drawers – he understands!).

For those sophisticated moments I like to go with a pencil dress. These are elegant and bold, yet retain a subtlety that, to me at least, keeps me looking classy. A pencil dress requires nothing more than the right heels and a clutch bag to achieve a gorgeous evening look.

I also have my share of printed dresses. These are very good when women want to show off their fun, cheeky sides. Classy prints with a bold pop of colour don’t so much grab the attention as drag it kicking and screaming by the scruff of the neck!

My absolute favourite dresses though are probably my collection of maxi dresses. I’ve got all sorts of styles, and they all tick their own boxes on my fashion ‘to do’ list.

And for the times when my inner princess comes out and I want to feel like the belle of the ball? Prom dresses are just the thing. Maybe it’s all those American films I’ve been addicted to my whole life, but there’s nothing to help make your fashion fairytale become a reality than a shimmering prom dress.

Like my choices? Try searching out your own Very women’s dresses and find your favourites.

8 comments for “My Very Favourite Dresses

  1. I love dresses per se! My faves are those that clinch in at the waist and then poof out (couldn’t think of a better word than poof…flare? No I’ll stick with poof!) Yay for dresses xx

  2. Ooh, who’s your boyfriend!?! Haven’t heard about him before (I mentally notes that I am far too nosy!)

  3. I love Very too! Been a customer for years and always had great service 🙂

  4. I’ve never shopped on Very but I always love their pieces which I see in magazines – I don’t trust myself with internet shopping so I usually just don’t look haha!
    I love dresses too, I really need to get a bigger collection 🙂
    <3 Holz oxo

  5. I haven’t shopped in very, I find the website a bit confusing! Definitely will be soon though 🙂


  6. I need to find the perfect maternity dress……hmmmm?! :-s

  7. I love Very! it is amazing! 🙂 I also love dresses, I live out of them practically – forget 27 dresses and try 50. I can’t really afford to buy anything new at the moment because I am saving for University! 🙂


  8. I like Fearne Cotton range, there is always something a little different.