off duty

I love my Tuesday days off, the perfect way to recover from a Monday; and then I have my three busier days at work and BAM! Weekend is here.

Yesterday was particularly lovely. Wearing a maxi dress from Next and New Look boots. I baked some spiced pumpkin raisins muffins as a treat for my grandparents, spent time pottering in the perfect winter weather (why can’t all winter be that nice?), had a productive appointment and cooked a delicious dinner- Harissa spiced tomato and chickpea stew; up until yesterday I didn’t know what harissa was…now I’s HOT!

I also enjoyed spending my Sarenza voucher prize, I split half of it between my Parents, my brother and his girlfriend and spent the other half myself. Exciting times.

Work today, Wednesdays are one of our better days, steady without the madness of either an impending, or just departed weekend. And then tonight I’m going to a chocolate party.

So far this week is good! How about yours?


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  1. I haven’t been to work so far this week! Gotta love a long weekend away, but now I am facing three mental days of playing catch up :p. Congratulations on winning the Sarenza prize! I can’t wait to see what you bought x

  2. This is my all time favourite outfit on you. You look stunning and that dress is beautiful. Enjoy the rest of your week 🙂

  3. I love those boots! I got a pair of black knee length suede boots last year but I feel they’re too long (right up to my knees) and so I hardly ever wear them 🙁

  4. Absolutely stunning dress. perfect autumn attire. the muffins sound amazing xxx

  5. That dress is amazing! Love it on you! xx

  6. Vix

    I adore that dress on you, you look so tall and elegant.
    Those muffins look so professional. x

  7. You look beautiful, that dress is gorgeous! A chocolate party, that sounds exciting enough! 😉

  8. Those muffins look good, I love the box you’ve put them in! Have fun at the chocolate party, that sounds like my kind of party! 🙂 x

  9. L

    I saw your Twitpic of the muffins – such a lovely box to put them in 🙂 Bet your grandparents were chuffed! x

  10. ahh your outfit photos are lovely and well done on the competition win, can’t wait to see what you decided to go for 🙂

  11. You look stunning!

  12. That Maxi dress looks amazing with your hair!!

  13. Love that dress so much, it looks amazing on you! x

  14. The muffins look so tasty as does the box they are in!

  15. in <3 with your flower printed dress and them muffins :)
    X the cookies

  16. the dress is just beautiful and looks amazing on you 🙂

  17. That dress is AMAZING on you!!! Its so lovely and really really suits you, especially with your haircolor. Plus those muffins look awesome. I’m going to bake something with those cupcake wraps you sent soon! 🙂

  18. you wear things i wish i could wear and look as amazing as you. JEL FOREVER

  19. I love that dress on you. Those muffins look amazing, where did you get the cute box? I’ve given you a blog award on my blog by the way x

  20. The dess and cakes both look amazing! 🙂 x

  21. That dress is very lovely-looks so floaty 😀

  22. Everytime you wear that dress I love it even more xxx

  23. Pretty outfit, Those cakes look yummy! X

  24. You look absolutely amazing in that second photo 🙂 xx

  25. I love that dress! I used to shop at Next all the time when they were still here in the US. Then they all closed down. Last time I was in the UK I ransacked the place…

  26. I’m so jealous of your Sarenza prize, i can’t wait to see what you ordered xxx

  27. I love harrisa, it’s a gorgeous spice paste.

  28. you look so lovely in your dress and boots! Looking forward to seeing what you get from Sarenza 🙂

  29. Jo

    Wow that dress is awesome! The colours look great with your hair too. Hope you have fun at your chocolate party tonight 🙂

  30. Laura you look stunning! And there’s a possibility I’ll be in Bristol this weekend if you’re interested? 😉 The chocolate party sounds amazing by the way. xxx

  31. I love the vibrant color of your hair and that dress is amazing! =)

  32. i like your ideas and the style of this blog.

    Check out mine and let me know what do you think about?

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  34. I love this dress on you. The colours in it, combined with the pink tights, really suit you. xx
    We Shop Therefore We Are

  35. So different, dress looks fab with those boots, suits you!!

    Love the box as well, where did you find that?! So useful! x

  36. Ahh I love this dress it’s so quirky! That’s soo sweet baking cakes for your grandparents, at work we sell pumpkin pie ice cream, it’s sooo good!
    Tilly M x