Perfect Pancakes (with a little help from M&S)

Pancake day arrives early this year, it’s in fact on Tuesday meaning all intentions of healthy eating will once again be abandoned. If you want to make the perfect batch to amaze friends and family I highly suggest a trip to your nearest M&S for any essential kit you may be lacking.

Stainless steel turner, £5 because chucking pancakes towards the ceiling NEVER ends well in my personal experience.

24cm non-stick pan, £6– to help your pancake stay pancake shaped on to the plate. Scrambled heap may taste good but isn’t so visually stunning.

Get the perfect proportions with these cute little measuring cups, £5

I love this traditional large mixing bowl (£19.50). Not cheap but it will last for years and years of pancakes and cake baking.

Measure it out with this retro fabulous 5kg Mechanical Scale (£19.50) So much more satisfying than digital.

Mix it up with this Silicone Whisk, £7.50

No more Jif lemon with this Stainless Steel Juicer, £9.50

A basic pancake batter recipe couldn’t be simpler, to make around 12 traditional pancakes you’ll need:

110g/4oz sifted plain flour
pinch of salt
2 eggs
200ml/7floz milk mixed with 75ml/3floz water
50g/2oz butter.

Give it a good mix up until it’s super smooth and well combined. I’ve heard that leaving the batter to stand in the fridge overnight/during the day whilst your at work helps create the ultimate pancakes.

If you’re short of time or just a culinary disaster then M&S have the solution for that, too…

Fresh Pancake Batter- £1.99
I’d like to say my pancakes are always made from scratch but sometimes needs must.

For something a little bit different why not try waffles? This Pancake and Waffle mix is £4.49 and is good for all occasions…breakfast in bed anyone?

Will you be frying up a feast on Tuesday? What is your ultimate pancake topping? I’ll go out on a limb here and say I DO NOT LIKE LEMON AND SUGAR!
Cinnamon and sugar however…
(or peanut butter and banana, nutella, sugar and sugar, spiced cooked apple and raisins, vanilla ice cream…)


Not a sponsored post. I do love Pancakes though.

6 comments for “Perfect Pancakes (with a little help from M&S)

  1. I am the worst for making pancakes! I haven’t tried thin pancakes, but 99% of the time my drop scones end up crispy on the outside and undercooked in the middle. I’m loyal to maple syrup on mine (on everything) but cinnamon sugar, Nutella, poached pears, maybe even custard…

  2. I love pancakes and am really naughty, I eat them all year round haha. I make them with flavoured protein powder a lot though (protein pancakes) so they have a nice flavour and are at least good ish for me (low carb and high protein) on pancake day I think I should make some traditional ones, I like jam on mine 🙂 and also enjoy syrup too 🙂

    Janine xx
    Bake, Glue and Trend!

  3. The measuring cups are lovely! I LOVE lemon and sugar but I think cinnamon and sugar may be even better! xx

  4. Ooh spiced cooked apple and raisins sounds lusssshhhh! Can’t wait for pancakes xx

  5. I’ve been very lazy and hadn’t made pancakes in a while, but your recipe is a simple one – (oops, no butter and I’m snowed in). I wonder if I could use olive oil? I do have some maple syrup. Your method looks almost foolproof, and the different varieties sound yummy. Have you ever tried corn in pancakes?

  6. Louise W

    Lemon and sugar on pancakes, butter and jam on drop scones… I now want to make both! I like the look of your pancake batter recipe, does the butter make them fluffier?