Ok, it’s 5:08am as I start this post; why?! Because I am awake and have time to sit and blog!
This week has been one of those crazy chaotic weeks and I’m not complaining because it has been quite wonderful when you take out the fact I have a doctors appointment at 8:30 this morning and I’m wondering why on earth I agreed to such an un-friendly time!

Please do accept my extended (and probably needless) apologies for not having commented on your blogs this week…Sunday I will finally have the chance to sit down and do so…I’m not used to being this busy for several days in a row…tomorrow I’m hopefully going shopping with Mum to spend some birthday money! We did shopping round one on Wednesday and it’s left me with the bug!

And on the birthday subject…seriously guys, thank you for the lovely wishes. Each and every one was appreciated. Am I overly soppy, yes? But I honestly held no expectations for this year and was for once in my life happy to be proved wrong.

I thought I’d share with you a few of my main gifts. It would be impossible to post them all as I was spoiled rotten by friends and family with gorgeous trinkets that you will no doubt see in up-coming posts! There are some pretty awesome pairs of tights to be modelled, and jewellery galore!

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This suitcase was from my parents. An odd choice of gift perhaps? Not when you know you have a hospital admission looming..and plans for travelling and visiting friends once you’ve got yourself back on track!
They were also kind enough to gift me with money, to spoil myself, as well as my much coveted eyeshadows from the MAC give me liberty range
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My grandparents are the most generous people I know. From them I recieved this Moomin wallet (remember them?!) and the locket you see in the second photo from Me and Zena

The silver bracelet I bought myself on the shopping spree!

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My best friend/sister Trudi knows me too damn well and solved my dilemna of which Alice in Wonderland OPI polish to buy, I can’t wait to rock these, maybe all at once?!

[and now everyone will realise what a spoiled brat I am!]

No birthday outfit photo, I totally forgot to take any photos, but here’s what I wore yesterday!

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And before I go start getting myself sorted for my early start, the most important part of this post is…

The Winner of the Karma Cards Giveaway!

Congratulations Vicki!
I will be in touch shortly.

Back to regular blogging and commenting on Sunday…see you then!


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  1. what wonderful gifts! Expect a little belated birthday card from me in about a week or so 😉

  2. Belated happy birthday, dear! You got wonderful pressies. 🙂

  3. pretty gifts and happy birthday :3

  4. Wow, you sure do wake up early! I don’t think I could ever wake up earlier than 7-ish:)

    Anyway, I probably have said it already but happy birthday again! It’s nice to see you spoilt rotten for your birthday as every girl deserves to!!


  5. I’ve wanted those nail varnishes for ages. It’s my birthday tomorrow so I’m hoping the birthday fairy has gifted them to me :p

    Hope you had a wonderful day 🙂

    Katie xox

  6. Happy belated birthday!! I loove your moomin purse, I used to love that show so much and the OPI series is so gorgeous, I brought my Mum the red one and she loves it 🙂

  7. happy birthday! sucks about hospital but I hope you feel better when you come out. lovely outfit dear =]


  8. Lovely gifts for a lovely girl! Belated Happy Birthday, dear!


  9. Yay – i love the moomin purse, and also the suitcase, you’ll be travelling in style when you visit lol !! 🙂

    i’m glad you had a lovely bday, and hope all goes well today!!xxx

  10. Hope you had a fab day! That suitcase is lovely, you are definately going to be the most stylish girly on the ward!

  11. happy late birthday sweetie…
    awesome gifts, you deserve every single one and you’re not spoiled:)

  12. Congrats Vicki 🙂

    What fab presents you got! I’m still freaked out by the Moomin wallet but everything else is just lovely.

  13. I don’t think you are a spoiled brat at all! I’m so happy you had a lovely birthday 🙂 Hope all goes well at the doctor’s today!

  14. Yay! Happy birthday (late, I know!)!
    I hope that it is a wonderful year for you and your loved ones.

  15. Happy Belated birthday! Love the purse! How cute! Hope you had a nice day.

  16. that moomin purse is soooo cute!

  17. Oh Laura you got some amazing gifts! I am totally loving your suitcase! but the rest is really nice too.

  18. I know how you feel about having a crazy week! Which is why I haven’t been doing much blog reading so didn’t see it was your birthday. Happy birthday honey I hope you had a fabulous day after all. Looks like you got some pretty amazing gifts!

  19. Glad that you had a lovely birthday… and what awesome gifts you got. Have a great weekend! xoxo

  20. Happy Birthday for yesterday my gorgeous gorgeous girl!! You’ve deserved to be spoilt with all those amazing presents! I actually love luggage (weird? haha) and I adore that moomin purse. They were one of my childhood faves!

    Good luck at the doc appointment lovie. I’ll be thinking of you <3

    xo H

  21. That Moomies bag is sooooooo adorable!!!

    I’m glad you’re having an excellent birthday weekM don’t worry about blogging and enjoy yourself, you deserve it, dear!!

  22. I remember the Moomins!Such cute presents…happy happy birthday! x

  23. my beautiful girl, wonderful gifts. I adore that suitcase. If only mine looked as nice.


  24. I’m so sorry I’m late with my birthday wishes for you 🙁 Better late than never, right?
    So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I wish you all the best, to get healthy as soon as possible, to travel a lot, to get even more tights, to make more pretty jewelry and anything else you want!

  25. did i wish you a happy birthday? if not i definitely meant to. i’m glad that it exceeded your expectations 🙂 you received some wonderful gifts! xox

  26. Fantastic gifts, your wallet is too cute!!

    Hope your doc visits go well my dear, I think you will be just fine 🙂 You’ve got a good head on your shoulders.

    Have a fantastic weekend and stay fab!!

  27. Happy belated birthday!
    I absolutly love your moomin purse!!! So awesome 🙂
    Those are some amazing gifts glad you’ve been spoilt you deserve it 🙂

  28. Happy belated birthday darling!! Love all your presents, especially the wallet! 🙂

  29. I missed your birthday? I suck,oh hun I feel soooo bad!
    Card is on the way to you 🙂

    peace <3
    moi xXx

  30. 1. Belated happy birthday sweetiepie!! <3

    2. I want that Alice varnish too.. Im so extremely envious right now.

    3. You are heading to the hospital? Why?? All ok? x

  31. Hello!

    I have a suprise for you at my blog and leave your email address as well!


  32. Ohh noo, I totally missed that it was your birthday. I hope you had a wonderful day my lovely! Happy (belated) birthday ♥


  33. oh my gosh a MOOMIN PURSE?!?! I’m very jealous 😛 looks like you had some lovely things, and hope you had an equally lovely day!!


  34. No need to apologize, we all need a moment to focus on ourselves (or alot of moments!)
    Happy Belated Birthday! Your gifts looks amazing and soo cute 🙂


  35. You look ready to prance around in a garden 🙂
    What wonderful gifts! Happy birthday! <3

  36. Happy belated birthday hon! What wonderful gifts for you!

  37. oh my gosh, i used to love the moomins!
    happy birthday 😀

  38. Amy

    Hi hun! Just wanted to wish you a Happy Belated Birthday! I hope you had the most wonderful time celebrating!!

    Much love,

  39. Hey, looks like you had a lovely birthday. I know the pain of early doctor’s appointments – I had a 7.20am one the other week so I could get it in before work!

  40. Happy belated birthday! I’m glad you got so many lovely presents, you deserve it. 🙂 The Alice in Wonderland nailpolishes are beautiful, aren’t they? I think I’m going to do my toenails in Mad as a Hatter tonight.

    I’m totally loving that suitcase and wallet too!! xx

  41. Amazing gifts – I LOVE the Moomin wallet. Too cool. Hope you had an amazing day!

  42. how cute is that wallet!? love it. i always agree to the worst times for appts too…like my saturday dentist appt last time lol. hope the dr’s goes ok!

  43. Ah I remember the moomins! Weren’t they just a little odd!

    Happy belated birthday x

  44. Love the Moomin purse 🙂

  45. Omg!!! absolutely brilliant gifts! i think i might have to steal them *suspicious look*… (i joke XD)

  46. Georgeous as always, and i love Alice in Wonderland, sigh:)

  47. happy birthday daisy! love those nail polishes, if pixie lott can wear a billion shades at once, you can too! x

  48. Happy belated birthday! If I’d known, I would have sent you a pie!

  49. Oooh I won! Looking forward to them. Thank you!
    I love your suitcase, you’ll be the most stylish on the ward hands down.
    Vicki xxx

  50. OMG i loved the Moomins! I’m glad you had a good birthday hun xxx

  51. That suitcase is amazing! Glad you had such a great birthday!

  52. Oh the moomin wallet!!!! You lucky thing, fun stuff!

  53. Super snazzy gifts. I esp adore OPI gift set. : )

  54. What lovely gifts you received!! I especially love the bracelet! 🙂

  55. Happy Birthday! You got spoilt indeed. No need to apologise we all have busy lives at time to time. Hey least your week has gone fast. Your suitcase is so CUTE!! x

  56. Happy belated birthday, beautiful! I love that suitcase that your parents got for you!

  57. so jealous of the nail polish! have been trying to find somone that will ship the Australian collection to me!

  58. gorgeous birthday gifts!! that suitcase is too cute. and late happy birthday again :))

  59. Lovely birthday presents and how wonderful it is to be loved by family. That case is so playful too. Love the colours. Enjoy the weekend, dear!;-)

  60. absolutely love ur suitcase and of course OPI nail polishes always melt my heart

    happy belated birthday beautiful!!!

  61. happy belated birthday to you, you received some beautiful gifts.

  62. Happy late birthday hun! Luv ur gifts and i know what u mean about commenting, I really appreciate that u leave comments, I try and do the same regularly but I dont get much time to do it.


  63. Happy belated bday! You`ve got nice presents ;)! And cute floral dress

  64. Alice in Wonderland OPI nail polish? Since when! That’s so cool! And Happy Birthday!

  65. mel

    happy belated birthday! amaizng pressies, and you look stunning in that gorgeous dress

  66. J.

    Happy belated birthday! (I don’t think I wished you happy birthday yet, even though I am not completely sure…)

    Love the presents you got, especially the Moomin wallet!! So cute!

  67. happy birthday 😀
    loving the nail polishes especially haha how about a different colour on each finger?!
    fab post thanks for all your lovely comments on my blog btw! i really appreciate them 🙂

  68. happy belated birthday sweetie, hope you had a lovely day.
    your pressies are the cutest.
    i hope your getting better from the bug.
    I wish you the best as you go in for your looming hospital stay.I am praying for you.

  69. I don’t think any of us have had much time recently for blogging!
    Hope you had a great birthday!
    Im completely envious of all your gifts!
    – Adele


  70. J

    ooo i really want to try the alice in wonderland colors!! very cute luggage!!

  71. aww those stuff are cute

  72. Belated happy birthday! Hope you have had a wonderful time. I adore that Moomin purse, lovely x

  73. Sorry Laura! Happy Belated Birthday Wishes my lovely, you look like you had a good time anyway. Thanks for your comment and the Moomin purse is amazing, I adore it. Glad you had a good birthday! xxx

  74. That purse is super cute. Glad you had a nice time and got some many great pressies. x

  75. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. ilovelovelove the alice in wonderland nailpolish! itss farkennnnn awesome! thankss for all the lovely comments!

  76. aww happy birthday and ohh my god where can you get those opi alice ones??? im dying inside 🙂 xox

  77. such cute stuff! I love the alice in wonderland polishes, my sister got that set and I am constantly stealing it 🙂

  78. i never knew that opi got the alice in wonderland set. it seems so full of glitters? very cute!



  79. adorable dress, so cuteee !

    >>I make some changes on my blog, please relink me or link me if you haven’t!


  80. OOOH I really want some little moomin accessories! My little godbrother watches some seriously rubbish kids TV, so I have old school sessions when I babysit him, which involve Moomins, The Shoe People, Biker Mice From Mars, oh yes!

    You deserve each and every birthday wish xoxo

  81. 1. I’m so glad your birthday went so well and that you were spoiled rotten! =) Just like you deserve. Your gifts are so special.
    2. I know you don’t share much about your struggle and maybe it is insensitive of me to bring it up; however I know that ALL of us who read your blog want to be supportive in any way we can. You just keep us posted on what we can do. You are a very special woman.

  82. You should be spoiled rotten on your birthday and im glad you did! the moomin wallet! I used to love them when i was a kid.

  83. What a cute case – a great choice. The nail varnishes looks fab – I soooooooo wish I could get cured of my terrible nail biting. I’m too old to have this problem! xx

  84. Happy belated birthday! I hope it was filled with happiness and fun.

  85. I think it’s really sweet of your parents to give you that fun, cute bag to take with you 🙂 Very proud of you. Happy belated!

  86. The Moomins purse is the best thing ever.

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