Public Service Announcement- Mental Health is not a Joke

I’m not entirely sure what was going through the mind of Urban Outfitters when they decided to stock these two t-shirts, and I know the second one is old news now but it’s making my blood boil.
Not only have I suffered from anorexia and depression for almost half my life I have also lost friends to both diseases and it’s no joke.
Nor is it a fashion statement.
I know these were probably intended in a light-hearted manner, but that in itself makes me rage. Nothing about mental health problems is a joke. Live one day in the life of a sufferer and THEN tell me these are a good idea.
I’m so angry right now that I can’t even type this properly. I just know that from now on I won’t  be supporting Urban Outfitters and it’s renewed my desire to raise awareness of mental health problems during the rest of my life.

14 comments for “Public Service Announcement- Mental Health is not a Joke

  1. What WERE they thinking, insensitive twits!!!! not surprised you’re furious! X

  2. This is disgustingly insensitive, but sadly unsurprising from Urban Outfitters who seem to love designing items like these two. x

  3. Thanks for writing this. Urban Outfitters is a brand that I buy – I think I’ll be giving it a miss from now on. Just disgraceful

  4. jesus this is awful, hopefully it gets brought to light! Very distasteful. .

  5. These are awful. So shocking. The worse thing is I actually know the type of people that would wear these tops, which is why I don’t like these people.

    Leanne – A Slice of My Life

  6. This is awful! Totally understand your fury, how outrageous! I’ve just seen on Twitter that the tees are no longer being sold by UO, but still! xxx

  7. I just cant believe they stocked these, who thinks this is a good idea, or fashion statement its disgusting

  8. Really ignorant, what the hell where they thinking? Who knows what they were but it really is shocking, let’s hope they realise their mistake and come to their senses when people boycott them, although by then it will be too late!

    Sophie <3

  9. Thank you so much for posting Laura and bringing attention to this. It makes me really sad and angry too and I can’t believe what would give anyone the idea to do this. It’s enough to make me never want to buy from this store. Eat less is certainly not a joke to me from my personal experience. Depression is extremely serious. I’m at rock bottom right now and sometimes I don’t even know how to get through another day. Depression has taken away so much of my life. Lets stick together and get through our mental health struggles together.

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  11. Dreadful. Stupid people. Urban Outfitters have made it into my ‘no shop’ list. Idiots.

  12. That’s really tasteless. So is the comment above with the link.

  13. Thanks for sharing this – god knows what they were thinking, they’re obviously lucky enough to have never been affected by mental health issues. Ugh, some people make me really angry!!

    Jess xo

  14. Neither of these are acceptable. When you’re struggling on a day-to-day basis the last thing you’d want is an ‘amusing’ t-shirt shoved in your face. I seriously hope no-body thinks these are okay and buys them. Definite boycott. xx