Review; Burts Bees Pomegranate Lip Balm

I am a lip balm addict. It is more of a necessity for me to be obsessed with it than anything else as I have the driest lips known to man kind.
I am however, guilty of buying purely because it is cheap or on special offer which means I don’t often try the best and on goes my saga of chapped, sore (not to mention un-attractive) lips.

Burt’s Bees are a brand that have been on my radar for quite some time. Raved about in beauty magazines on on blogs as well as being widely available online and in shops I am not entirely sure what has stopped me purchasing this (other than perhaps, the price, which is a little higher than my usual lip balms).

I was sent a sample of their Pomegranate lip balm for review purposes. This is, by my reckoning somewhat of a cult product! When I mentioned it in my makeup essentials post many commenter’s said they couldn’t survive without it either and I know it has a large celebrity fan club including Glee’s Dianna Agron (who plays cheerleader Quinn).

The expectations were high.



I love the packaging. In keeping with all Burt’s Bees products it is distinctive but not in your face. Instantly recognisable by the colours and adorned with teeny little bees.

The smell of this lip balm is AMAZING. Neither overly synthetic or too herbal (both make me nauseous). It’s 100% natural and contains the antioxidant goodness of pomegranate oil.

I HATE oily things. There is nothing pleasurable about the texture. Thankfully this isn’t an oily textured balm. It glides on and left my lips instantly smoother and far less parched. The hint on colour isn’t too harsh, but it is there enough to negate the need for lipstick, which is perfect for little miss forgetful me.



I’ve been using this balm about a week now, and the effects are very impressive. Sometimes I find a product to be a one hit wonder, but not this one. I’m usually the first to complain about any small fault with anything (just ask my friends or colleagues) but I’m struggling with this!

At £3.99 this will be a re-purchase for sure.

Have you used Burt’s Bees? Do you have any favourites I should try?

What lip balm do you swear by?

36 comments for “Review; Burts Bees Pomegranate Lip Balm

  1. I love lip balms, I need to check out this brand!

  2. I adore Burts Bees products!
    They cover everything!
    I’ve got a Burts Baby Bee Getting Started Kit for when the baby arrives and will be sure to blog on how good the products are 🙂
    Love this review, LOVE Burts! xx

  3. I love Burt’s Bees products. Been meaning to try the lip balm for ages.

    Have been using the hemp one from Body Shop and it’s saved me from chapped lips on the bike all winter. 🙂

  4. Ooh, great review and it looks really nice on you! I adore the Burt’s Bees Beeswax and Acai balms – so moisturising & scrummy! xx

  5. you lips look luscious! definitely trying this bad boy out x

  6. i love burts bee’s! theyre shower creme’s are amazing and i have this very same lip balm and its definitely working wonderfully for me too! xx

  7. I’ve recently had very dry, cracked lips which is quite rare for me and have been using Blistex Relief Cream which has boring packaging, doesn’t smell great and is an extremely unappealing off-white colour, but it works fantastically for really dry skin. Even better I have deiscovered (through a series of very scientific tests, of course. Ahem.) that it’s a great over-night spot buster (although your skin looks rather perfect so that may not interest you). Otherwise I’m a Rose Petal Salve girl all the way – if only for the packaging!

  8. I love Burts Bees! I usually use the normal balm in the little tin but it’s a bit messy, so I bought the stick version, used it twice then promptly lost it. Annoying as it’s so much more expensive than most chapsticks. Worth it though. I’ll definitely try out this pomegranate one, I love that it has a tint. It’s like a combination of the nice colour of vaseline rosy lips and the “actually does something” power of Burts Bees.

    About Spoiled Brat, yeah, everyone else seems to always get brilliant service and they’ve won loads of good service awards, so maybe I caught the lady on a bad day :\ She was really rude to me though.

  9. Also, HOW GOOD IS YOUR SKIN!?! I’m so jealous, mine is so dry and patchily coloured and horrible at the moment.

  10. I like Dirty Works lip balm personally. I think my favourite is called Very Berry. I always want lip balm to have the added advantage of also acting as a gloss.

    Great review.

  11. I’ve never tried Burts Bees before but I think I will now. I have really dry lips and it sees nothing makes the better, so this is definitely worth a go.

  12. I tend to stick to boring old Vaseline, I wasn’t aware this product existed so this comes as a good aid the next time I need to purchase a lip balm! And i’m quite smitten with the packaging too x

  13. yesss this is one of my favourites! followed by good old carmex and vaseline rosy lips xo

  14. I use Burt’s Bees on my lips (I use the tins not the sticks though) as they work the best for me, that and good old carmex.

    I try not to cheap out on my lip balms because most of the time the cheap ones dry my lips out even more!

  15. I can never be without my trusty rose vaseline 🙂 but by the sounds of things I’m missing out with this little delight! I’m a sucker for anything that smells good enough to eat! 😀

  16. Oooh I love burts bees, I will give this a go.
    Kandi x

  17. I love the lip balm, I also love Palmers cocoa butter lip balm.

  18. I’m a lip balm addict too and that teapot earring is adorable by the way. I got the Burt’s Bees manicure set for Christmas which is a selection of hand and cuticle creams and they’re all really amazing, especially because I get very sore and chapped hands in Winter. My favourite lip balm is a toss up between Badger and The Body Shop’s mango lip butter. xxx

  19. Oh I do love a good lip balm. Have lots too but tend to use Vaseline Rose as an everyday one and Simple essential lip balm when they are worse. x

  20. I can’t live without lip balm either, but the best I’ve tried so far was Labello, and it’s good! I especially like the Cherry one since it leaves a bit of colour on the lips, haven’t found it lately though :/

  21. I love my Burts’s Bees lip balm! It’s all I buy.

  22. Burt’s Bees are the only lip balm I’ll use. Love the stuff!

  23. I’ve never tried Burt’s Bees stuff before; I love Blistex and always repurchase it!

  24. I’m a lip balm addict as well. I love carmex! I haven’t tried this one, but it does sound really good.

  25. I am always buying lipbalm because I am always lose them! So I dont tend to spend that much money which is the only reason why I have not tried Berts Bees. But one of my friend swears by their products so they must be good!

  26. Ooo I might try this one. Cocoa butter do a great one – it’s a chocolate flavour one… I used to use it in my kit on shoots all the time, it’s in a tube – I think from boots for about 3 quid 🙂 xxx

  27. I have such a problem with dry lips too and my favorite balms are Rose&Co Apothecary Rose Petal Salve (it smells amazing) and 8 hour cream, but I think I might give this a shot because I love pomegranates!

  28. Totally agree with you about being a Lip Balm addict, my lips die without it! xx

  29. must admit, i have never tried burts bees, but have heard good things about them from people who do. i’#m not very adventurous when it comes to lip balms, i have used carmex since college and still do :S

  30. I love the Burts Bees lipbalm in Honey- lovely! xx

  31. ag.

    I love Burt’s Bees! I swear by it but couldn’t get into the pomegranate one, I like the original one the best!

  32. I have such a huge collection of lipbalms too. Escpecially when they look cute it’s hard to resist. Plus it makes a nice gifts, so I’ve gotten quite a few that way too.
    Like you I hardly ever buy an expensive one.
    My three faves at the moment are:
    Milk & Honey-Labello
    cocoon levres -Garnier
    and a chai fragranced one I bought off etsy

    This one looks really really good, the moment I allow myself to buy one again I will definitely try it.

  33. Oh and dragonfruit labello, love that one too;)

  34. I’m want to try Burts Bees asap. I always use Nivea. I heard Burts Bees have lip glosses and tints that are as good as lipstick now.