rule breaking

Oh yes, it’s another one of those “I’ve just broken down another of my mental barriers” posts. I’m sorry, if your sick of them do feel free to turn away now.

The feedback on my trousers post, even before I’d left the house an hour or so later was so immense, it truly did give me that added boost of confidence I needed to stick with that outfit. I’m facing a similar scenario today…The challenge?

Skinny jeans and a notdownpastmythighs length top.
This barrier has been in place for years. The number one spot my eating disordered thinking focused on was my thighs, and even now…miles away from that deep dark place, yet not entirely there, if I am having a wobble (so to speak) my legs are the first place my insecurity manifests. This also explains my lack of skirts and dresses, they add no emphasis on each leg, there’s no lines to define and you can pick the length to suit your mood/confidence.
Anyway, back to this issue. I have never been comfortable with wearing skinny jeans with anything shorter than a mid-thigh length top. I don’t actually own any skinny jeans, the ones I wear are Mum’s quite simply because they are the only pair that have ever felt right. And sod’s law, Next don’t make them any more!
With my recent spring shopping sprees I’ve bought tops/blouses that are suitable for work and play,
and sometimes a skirt doesn’t cut it. I want to be more casual, yet not leave those tops languishing.

The result…I am going shopping in Bristol with a very wonderful friend and I AM going to wear this outfit and post pictures on the internet because it helps me. Thank you very much.





For you all…


I do apologise for the frequency of these posts, but you see, this isn’t just a blog to share what I like/want to buy/wear etc,
it’s also for me a photographic record of how far I’ve come, and a place to gain some perspective on bad body image days. Sometimes I’ll feel horrific in a particular outfit, yet come back to my blog a day or so later and realise “hey, that wasn’t so bad” and therefore learn to trust myself, and not the demons.
These photos are a prime example of fake it till you make it. Did I feel as confident as I look taking them? Not one bit…but in time, in time…

The vest, by the way, is a purchase I was forced in to by Twitter. From Topshop, Β£16.

I wish you all a wonderful Friday,
what are your clothing barriers? Have you broken any lately?


P.S. Last few hours to enter the MissyC giveaway, it closes this evening.

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  1. I so didn’t force you into that top! You look lovely xx

  2. Hey sweetie you look great.

    Those jeans are a lovely fit on you and that tope goes with it perfectly.

    Enjoy ur day shopping πŸ™‚

    s x x

  3. You look lovely, as per. And those jeans are actually really flattering. I need to find another pair to be honest, I’ve been living out of the same ones for ages. Must go shopping soon..

  4. I love this laid back outfit ! πŸ™‚

  5. You have such lovely slim thighs.

    I know what you mean I have lots of issues with my body too.
    I am actually in the process of getting help with this!

    Have a lovely day shopping and I cannot wait to see what you brought.
    Love that top too xx

  6. you look AMAZING in those skinny jeans and that top. the top is so pretty. and you have such a cute figure.

    my clothing barriers are just wearing non traditional clothing, even though i love it, i’m trying to break it, but it is hard.

  7. I absolutely understand the thighs issue. But you look wonderful.
    Keep pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone.
    You’re doing great.

    Have a nice day. xx:)

  8. I think you should be truly proud of yourself for making such fantastic steps in your life Laura but you look seriously amazing and I hope you can gain the confidence to do this again. I’ve always had a fear of anything denim as I find the material very tough and I don’t know why (as I know it’s irrational) but jeans always make me feel bigger than I am and even more so as I am a bit on the short side only 5ft 2. But seeing you looking so good I’n them and facing your fears gives me that little bit more strength to do it too, keep up the hard work you’re doing fab :)) what’s more, the sun is out for us all today so woahhh *~} have a great shopping trip and coffee with your friend xx

  9. You look HOT!! Love this casual look on you! The jeans look like they fit perfectly and I love the shape. Seriously really sweet outfit… am sure by the end of the day you’ll be feeling like a million dollars in this outfit. It really really suits you. xx

  10. I like your outfit! And kudos for you for your growing confidence – you’ll get there in the end, trust me!

  11. You look fab in those jeans, and they go reakky well with the top. Jealous! xx

  12. D.

    It looks like spring, it’s casual, it’s cool, you look happy in it!

  13. Don’t be silly thats what your blog is for! You have nothing to worry about you look amazing and that outfit totally suits you! I want to see more of them!

    Be confident your gorgeous! xoxo

  14. Wear iiiit!! πŸ˜€ you look fantastic! That top is so cute, and the jeans look great on you – this outfit deserves to be worn πŸ™‚ x

  15. Bee

    I think you look amazing babe and I love your honesty πŸ™‚

    Thank you for being wonderful xxx

  16. Thank you for this post, Laura. It is so inspiring to see how far you have come.
    You truly look amazing in the jeans and the top! Have a fantastic day shopping and a lovely weekend..Much love xxx

  17. Laura you look truly gorgeous. Skinny jeans genuinely suit you – as much as an upward struggle it is for you to believe, you really do have great legs!
    Tricks of confidence always work wonders, and the most confident people you meet are certainly never that stable underneath it all – probably just as anxious as the rest of us but better at covering it up x

  18. aw well you DO look beautiful!!!!

  19. Angela

    Those jeans and that top really do look great on you.
    Fake it until you make it, which is realizing in your case you look amazing in that outfit! πŸ™‚ x

  20. You look great! The skinny jeans really suit you! The vest is so cute too! I love reading your posts like this, it makes me genuinely happy that you’re overcoming your demons one by one!

  21. Anonymous

    Hi, have been following your blog for some time. I just want to say you look great – you have a very enviable figure and you can carry off skinny jeans without a doubt. Outfit is fab and so are you πŸ™‚

  22. You look fabulous and I totally applaud you for wanting to break down your barriers and finding a style that you are comfortable with wearing xoxo

  23. Oooh I do like that top on you and those jeans look great on you. I wish I looked as fab in a pair of jeans! Your legs are amaze! πŸ˜€

  24. your legs look fabulous!!!!! One day )and I hope its soon) you’ll look back at these pics and know how great you looked. My clothing barrier is that I can’t wear low cut or loose tops. I don’t consider it a problem though, but it does limit the cut of tops and dresses I buy, guess its just a personal prefernce.
    Cute top too πŸ™‚ (my word verification was mating, hehe how childishly funny)

  25. Looking good! Hope you have a great day in Bristol πŸ™‚

  26. You look great! I’m the same with my legs – I always feel really uncomfortable in jeans cos I think my legs look fat, and I hardly ever wear skirts or dresses…!

  27. wow! you look so sexy with those jeans! MY problem is the oposite of yours..I hate my belly area..hmm. I’ve hated it for years, and although exercise always improves the self-estime, is always something that continues to bother me even more when I buy clothes, or tight dresses. I try to ignore it and feel confident and I’ve been wearing pieces I wouldn’t before. You helped me a lot with this and so I have to thank you too πŸ™‚
    Really, you look amazing and you are very brave to post these images*

  28. Those jeans and top are both perfect on you. I know the feeling of insecurity, but I really hope all of this support reassures you that you look fabulous xx

  29. I love jeans but I’m really not keen on skinny ones, so well done for breaking that barrier! You look lovely

  30. Love the casual outfit, the top is very prertty and scalloped! You look lovely in the outfit!
    Im like you if I wear jeans I always wear a long top, I just feel a short top would make everyone look at my hips. They are larger than the rest of me and i get very self conscious about it. Hence why I wear dresses, they skim past that area!
    I love the motto fake it till you make it!

  31. Those jeans fit you perfectly and the top is beautiful. xxx

  32. I can’t imagine my life without skinny jeans – thighs or otherwise! Although, personally, I like to direct my neuroses towards my tummy… You look great, love the top. x

  33. they look fantastic on you! I know what you mean though – it took me ages to finally put on a pair but now you can’t get me out of them! x

  34. yay, you’re finally wearing skinny jeans. And it looks amazing, you really should wear them more often.

  35. I love the top; the print is amazing.
    And you look realy good in skinny jeans; I am really glad you were able to wear them, because you look amazing; IΒ΄m happy for you.


  36. Trust me lovely, I wouldn’t say this if I didn’t mean it: you are gorgeous inside and out. There is nothing wrong with your thighs.

    Now I know reading that and believing it aren’t necessarily the same thing – we all have our inner hang-ups that just won’t go away – but hopefully if enough people say it you will start to think it.


  37. You look gorgeous honey, very fresh and summery. Trust us! xxxx

  38. Anonymous

    Hi Laura, you look lovely in them you rock in them x

  39. How lovely that you share some of that stuff inside. It can help so much. We women should talk about these issues more. I know I have realized with my ED struggle that so many girls have such bad body images – not just me or you.

  40. Becca

    And you looked amazing today πŸ™‚

  41. I think even the most confident people might find this challenge difficult, so well done. That top is absolutely gorgeous, it goes well with the jeans πŸ™‚

  42. saz

    you look absolutly stunning in those jeans. I can really relate to what you said as my thighs have always been my area that I have un comfortable at, and like you if I wear jeans tend to cover up in long tops or a dress over jeans. proud of you and how far you have come.

  43. Absolutely lovely outfit, the top is so bright and fun! and the jeans look really good on you πŸ™‚

    Keep at it πŸ˜€

  44. You look lovely, as always! My clothing barrier is jeans/trousers. I never wear them, and hate how they look on my legs!

  45. Jo

    You look amazing, great fit to the jeans and gorgeous top.

    Go for it Laura, so proud of you.

    Jo xx

  46. perfect! keep wearing those jeans! i wanna see you wear more of that chinos!! its pretty!!!

  47. I NEEEEEEED that top in my life… Where’s it from?
    You look fantastic Laura, you’re actually looking more radiant in these photos, a new found confidence perhaps?


  48. Lil

    Don’t apologise! This place is for you so you should use it how you want!
    You look great, I rarely wear jeans myself, much more of a skirts and dresses girl. I’ve been eyeing up that vest for a while! Lil x

  49. You look fantastic Laura πŸ™‚
    Really like your outfit. I hope you are so proud of yourself!! You seem so much happier as well. Hope you have a wonderful time shopping xxx

  50. Ah you look so lovely and summery! Well done on another barrier broken xx

  51. dont appologize for anything! <3 I have the same fears as you.. with skinny jeans.. pants.. thighs.. etc..
    its so hard.
    I wear “jeggings” and “leggings” mainily.. and long tops, or dresses..
    I am so proud of you.
    I aspire to you <3

    Love the look πŸ˜‰ xoxo

  52. you shouldn’t apologise for these posts i think they’re great and personally love seeing how far you’ve come!
    You definitely have nothing to worry about with regards to the jeans – you look fab and the top is so cute too πŸ™‚ x

  53. LIke everyone says there’s really no need to apologise! You’re being so honest in your posts, it’s so lovely to see how far you’ve gone. The top is very cute and you look utterly FAB xx

  54. You look beautiful in that outfit love. I’m really pleased to hear that you are managing to look back over your pictures and view them differently. You should be so proud of yourself. x

    ps – cute cushion

  55. Those jeans look fab on you.

    Go you!

    X x

  56. Lovely to see you branching out into areas that are hard for you, it means progress! I know no one can make you understand it; but you look fantastic, that outfit is great on you.
    Loads of squidgy hugs
    Kandi xXx

  57. I LOVE your top, it’s so fresh and perfect for Spring πŸ™‚ x

  58. Anonymous

    I wish I looked as good as you in jeans πŸ™‚ I hope your confidence rises in time because you look gorgeous! Xxxx

  59. You look stunning in this simple outfit, I love it. x

  60. Laura we are SO PROUD OF YOU! You look absolutely amazing! Well done on breaking down the mental barriers, you go girl!

    β™₯ Leia

  61. Hello! I’m loving the look- you do look great in them!
    I have similar clothing barriers- can’t be doing skinny jeans- and I don’t even like the feel of them against my thighs-feels like I am encased in a denim prison! And especially yes, don’t like wearing short tops with trousers/jeans!

    Re your apologies, remember, a blog is for YOU, that’s why we all have one, so you never have to apologise for anything on it(unless it’s being very very mean about someone! Which of course I’m quite certain you would never do!) and anyway, the diverse nature of your blog is great! Serious issues, light frivolity, inspirational pictures, great outfits to create serious clothing envy! You seem to wear so many facets of my favourite shapes and style choices anyway and even some items I own or have looked at! It’s like you’re somehow affirming my tastes in clothing when you post pictures!
    Have an enchanting Sunday!

  62. You look goergeous…if my opinion counts … which I know it probably doesn’t matter but I needed to chime in!

    Thanks for visiting my blog..I am glad I found yours and added you to my google reader.

    Clothing barriers? I feel like if I am not in a happy place every article of clothing is difficult. I am learning to just accept the feel, unnotch the bely and go out in the world.
    So hard…

  63. hun you look FANTASTIC in jeans and the top is just adorable. i love this style on you.